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    Use it, and your site will get better.

    UserTesting makes it so darn easy, fast, and cheap to get end-user feedback on your site, you no longer have an excuse not to. Use it, and your site will get better.”

    Evan Williams Co-founder, Twitter

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    App User Testing Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

    As for the product, it is easy and quick, with a test taking as little as one hour. Given the need for fast product development cycles, this is certainly a big deal.”


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    Get results within the hour

    To see how people actually use their products, startups can sign up with services such as UserTesting. This pays people to try out new websites or smartphone apps and takes videos while they do so. Firms can tell the service exactly which user profile they want (specifying gender, age, income and so on), and get results within the hour.”

    The Economist

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    Get results instantly

    It used to be that if a site wanted to test the friendliness and navigation of its website, they’d set up a lab and invite people in. Very costly and time consuming. Now–with UserTesting–it’s all automated online. And you can get results instantly.”

    Good Morning America

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    Make sites easier for people to navigate

    UserTesting, Mountain View, Calif., pays people to evaluate websites’ usability and clarity, feedback site developers use to help make sites easier for people to navigate.”

    The Wall Street Journal

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    A Winner

    Between a great name, a valuable service, and lots of success stories, UserTesting seems like a winner.”


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    Will easily yield 10X back in online sales improvement

    The insights you’ll gain from just over $200, though, will, in my experience, easily yield 10X or even 100X back in online sales improvement.”


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    An indispensable tool

    Fast, easy, inexpensive and immensely valuable — UserTesting has proven to be an indispensable tool for improving usability. New insights are practically guaranteed the more you watch real people using your site.”


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    Crowdsourcing a Better World

    Crowdsourcing is being applied in many fields. At UserTesting, it provides feedback on why people leave your Web site.”

    The New York Times

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    Quickly get usability feedback about your site

    When it comes to designing a website, you can do all the tweaking you want, but you won’t know that your design actually works until people start using it. That’s where UserTesting comes in. The service lets you quickly get usability feedback about your site.”


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  • You watch the video and read comments…you fix things, you become rich.

    Set out the tasks, identify your audience, test happens, you watch the video and read comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.”

    Avinash Kaushik

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  • Everyone who does their own testing should also have UserTesting in their toolbox.

    As I said in Rocket Surgery Made Easy, UserTesting is perfect for quick-and-dirty usability testing. It’s inexpensive, requires almost no effort, and gets you results incredibly quickly (often in just a few hours). Everyone who does their own testing should also have UserTesting in their toolbox.”

    Steve Krug

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