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Graphic: The Anatomy of a Great Shopping Cart

When we were putting together our post How To Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment With Focused Usability Testing, we came across Home Depot’s excellent shopping cart, where they implement several best practices. Are you missing any of these elements? If you have them, have you noticed an impact on conversions?

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An annotated image of Home Depot's shopping cart

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  • Jon Marus

    Is there someplace you can submit a shipping cart design for peer review? I’d love some opinions on our cart at

    • Phil Sharp

      Jon, awesome cases! Peer reviews are great, and there are a couple of options we know of. sounds like a great fit for you. To help sustain the community though, you have to review 5 sites before you can submit your own. WebProWorld has a forum specifically for submitting your site for review ( And other communities of developers and business owners, such as,,, etc., seem to welcome this type of peer help in the forums.

      I glanced at your cart, and you’ve got many of the features we recommended on this post and How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment With User Testing ( Your main CTA stands out very well, and you make good use of trust factors. One thing that I’d consider testing though, is the interpretation of your blue Free Shipping bar. People glance more than they actually read, and that bar might give someone the impression that they’re going to get free shipping — which of course doesn’t line up with the fact that they’re being charged $3.95. And some might need a nudge regarding why they’d buy a second case. So how about something like this?

      If you end up getting a peer review, we’d love to know which site ended up being the best for you.

      • Skye Chilton

        Thanks for the feedback Phil.

        I really like your modified shipping message. We’ll look at getting something a little more clear implemented.

        • Phil Sharp

          You’re welcome Skye.

          I must say, I’m really impressed with the site, and even MORE impressed with how quickly you all can get things done.

      • Jon Marus

        Hey Phil,

        Thanks again for looking over our site. We took all your comments to heart and have done some updates to match. We’ve also recently made our site much more iPhone friendly. :)

        • Phil Sharp

          Happy to help! Your site looks really nice…keep up the great work :)

  • Ron Yates

    Can you post the Shipping & Billing page for Home Depot?

    Also – do you recommend NOT displaying the product(s) images on the Shipping & Billing page to keep the page shorter? Some sites I see do this.

    • Phil Sharp

      Ron, here’s a snapshot of Home Depot’s shipping page ( and billing page (

      Regarding whether to drop the product images on the shipping and billing pages (great question, by the way), you’ll notice that Home Depot does just that. It makes sense; the cart page is all about letting the customer check to see whether everything’s ready for the checkout process; after that, the shipping and billing pages are focused on their respective fields. While I don’t think that’s necessarily a mistake, I’m a big fan of keeping customers completely confident throughout the process. So a modification might be to at least let the customer hover over each item (in the Payment page sidebar for instance) to see the product’s full name and picture. Any moment of doubt in a customer’s mind (oh, did I get the one with the 5 hp motor or 6 hp?) is an opportunity for them to jump out of the process if that doubt isn’t addressed on the current page.

      • Ron Yates

        Thanks Phil. Great information and I really appreciate your help!

  • Ryan Whisenhunt

    Question: Have you tested the difference between a widget style cart where everything is above the fold including the next step action button against the scrolling page as you have now?