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iOS 7 Gets User Tested

  • bady_qb

    Nice study! btw how you decide to pick those 10 users? any specific criteria on picking a tester?

    • Harvey Ranola

      Thanks bady_qb! Aside from requiring them to have iOS 7, there were no other requirements for our testers.

  • Alex Kim

    I think it would be interesting to see how many regular apps are crashing now that it’s been released. Some of my games can’t handle it!

  • norsted

    Great little study – i did a small similar study yesterday, and what was interesting and quite funny actually is that non of the 4 participants i tested with knew what “spotlight” was. Two actually assumed that it was that ios7 now had a build in flashlight.

    For me the fact that they had to put in an alert about the spotlight feature is for me an indication that they made a wrong choice. No other feature in ios7 needed that kind of explanation.

    • Harvey Ranola

      Thanks norsted! I agree with your conclusion, and this is actually part of the reason why we asked our testers to access their internal search, rather than to use Spotlight.

  • Jeda

    From my point of view… It looks nice and friendly… But some colors, like in the icons, are too bright… I suffer from eyestrain and that it’s a problem for me… Another issue is the battery use in all the visual effects… And I don’t know if all of them are necesaries.

  • Philippe Gaboury

    Couldn’t find how to turn off the annoying parallax effect without looking it up online. Still don’t know how to set Kiosk to download new issues automatically. is somewhat more livable now that they brought back the shuffle option. Getting used to the new icons but I still think they’re damned ugly. What’s up with the Game Center and Photo icons?!?

    • Harvey Ranola

      Hey Philippe. Seems like the newly designed logos and interface were really hit-or-miss. It makes me really curious about the results of their own internal testing when they decided to roll out the new look.

  • Sarah Nestrock

    This is a great study. I like ios7 for the most part. The only thing that’s really getting to me is that I can’t seem to move/scale my photos when I set them for wallpaper use on my ipad. It’s pretty annoying. Otherwise, it’s all good.

    • Harvey Ranola

      Thanks Sarah. That’s really interesting, and now I wished we’d worked that into our study :) I hope you were able to figure that out, if there even is an option to do so.

  • mrtgrady

    I’m a little worried by the strength of your conclusion considering your testing parameters.

    Siri and photo filters, for example, are not available on the iPhone 4 or 2nd gen iPad and unfortunately these users make a significant proportion of the iOS7 upgrade user-base out there. When you tell users these features are in iOS7 and that they can’t have them because of their device you find their attitude toward the product shifts toward the unfavourable side of things.

    Also, 10 testers? It’s a nice snapshot for anecdotal conclusions but it’s not statistically meaningful. The strength of the message in your results just might be indicative of the general attitude but what about the differences in response between old hardware users and new hardware users (iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 5, for example) or non-Apple users being asked to test cold versus iPhone owners who tend to be favourable of Apple products anyway?

    • Harvey Ranola

      Hey there mrtgrady! Thanks for dropping by our blog and sharing your thoughts.

      With regard to the 10 testers, we thought it would be fun to give people a different perspective from the expert reviews out there. Since these reviews are usually written by one person, we wanted to give readers more of a snapshot of actual people than a formal study.

      By the way, I think you might be onto something with the point you made at the end of your comment. We’d definitely be interested to see the results of that study, and maybe it’s something we even take on in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

    • Ben

      Live filters aren’t available on the iPhone 4 and lower, but you can definitely apply them to photos you’ve already taken.

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