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  • “Use it, and your site will get better”

    “UserTesting makes it so darn easy, fast, and cheap to get end-user feedback on your site, you no longer have an excuse not to. Use it, and your site will get better.”

    Evan Williams
    Co-founder, Twitter

  • “Perfect for quick-and-dirty usability testing”

    “As I said in Rocket Surgery Made Easy, UserTesting is perfect for quick-and-dirty usability testing. It’s inexpensive, requires almost no effort, and gets you results incredibly quickly (often in just a few hours). Everyone who does their own testing should also have UserTesting in their toolbox.”

    Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy

  • “Get results within the hour”

    “To see how people actually use their products, startups can sign up with services such as This pays people to try out new websites or smartphone apps and takes videos while they do so. Firms can tell the service exactly which user profile they want (specifying gender, age, income and so on), and get results within the hour.” Read full article

    The Economist

  • “Turn clicks into sales”

    “To better analyze your user’s experience, visit UserTesting, where, for a fee of $95, five people will record a video of themselves trying to rent a property on your site and tell you where the challenges are.” Read full article

    CNN Money

  • “A Quick Way To See How People Are Actually Using Your Site”

    “When it comes to designing a website, you can do all the tweaking you want, but you won’t know that your design actually works until people start using it. That’s where UserTesting comes in. The service lets you quickly get usability feedback about your site.” Read full article


  • “Pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant”

    “Quick and cheap access to a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant and who meet specified demographics.” Read full article


  • “Web Site of the Week”

    “UserTesting provides cost-effective website reviews. Business owners fill out a survey and testers are assigned to browse your site.” Read full article


  • “Get results instantly”

    “It used to be that if a site wanted to test the friendliness and navigation of its website, they’d set up a lab and invite people in. Very costly and time consuming. Now–with UserTesting–it’s all automated online. And you can get results instantly.” Read full article

    Good Morning America

  • “Making Your Web Site Easy”

    “Bryan Eisenberg published a list of ’69 Free (or low cost) Tools to Improve Your Website,’ putting UserTesting at No. 1 …. For the majority of Web site owners who would otherwise do no testing, or never get beyond the friends-and-neighbors variety, the quick-and-dirty UserTesting option is 100% better than nothing.” Read full article


  • “Crowdsourcing a Better World”

    “Crowdsourcing is being applied in many fields. At UserTesting, it provides feedback on why people leave your Web site.” Read full article

    The New York Times

  • “A Winner”

    “Between a great name, a valuable service, and lots of success stories, UserTesting seems like a winner.” Read full article


  • “Perfect”

    “UserTesting is a fast way to get great testing from a diverse customer base. We no longer have to spend hours organizing user tests and setting up computers. With UserTesting, I have 10 reviews in my email in one hour. Perfect for those of us who are ambitiously lazy.”

    Myke Hines

  • “Access a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant”

    “Website owners can access a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant and who meet specified demographics. Testers perform common tasks on a website while they have their screen activity and verbal comments recorded for the website owner to review.” Read full article


  • “The fastest and cheapest way to improve your website’s conversion rate.”

    “UserTesting is the fastest and cheapest way to improve your website’s conversion rate.”

    Bryan Eisenberg, New York Times Bestselling Author

  • “UserTesting lets us try out experimental versions of our applications, which is something we could not do with traditional beta testers.”

    “In the past, we used beta testing together with forums to gather early feedback, but UserTesting gives us high fidelity audio/video feedback much more quickly…The end result of leveraging UserTesting panels for Evernote is improved user retention at a rate of over 15 percent, along with an increase in user engagement.” Read full article

    Philip Constantinou,
    VP of Product, Evernote

  • “Maybe the Best $100 You Ever Spent”

    “I was interviewing web conversion expert Bryan Eisenberg for an upcoming Duct Tape Marketing Podcast episode and he shared a little secret with me about a firm that conducts low cost usability testing. The site is UserTesting and for just under $100 you can get some tremendous feedback about the user experience of your web site.” Read full article by John Jantsch

    Duct Tape Marketing

  • “Results within one hour”

    “The more you watch others use your site, the better your site will be. The great benefits of UserTesting are the speed – often getting results within one hour – and ease. It makes testing easy, and when testing is easy, you do it more often.”

    Archie Miller
    Senior Manager of Web Design and Development, Crutchfield Corp.

  • “Make sites easier for people to navigate”

    “UserTesting, Mountain View, Calif., pays people to evaluate websites’ usability and clarity, feedback site developers use to help make sites easier for people to navigate.” Read full article

    The Wall Street Journal

  • “UserTesting: results in about an hour”

    “[UserTesting] offers benefits, compared with lab-based results, such as: affordable access to representative users, less bias introduced by a testing environment, and easier connection between findings and recommendations.” Read Full Article

    Forrester Research

  • “Million dollar feedback for $200″

    “From an agency standpoint, the credibility that customer videos give us when presenting information to clients is a big deal. We’ve taken to putting together highlight reels of customer feedback, and it’s so compelling for clients to see.” Read Full Article

    Lance Loveday author of Web Design for ROI
    CEO, Closed Loop Marketing

  • “Small changes can produce big results”

    “Tests with just five to seven testers will reveal 80-90% of the usability problems on a site.” Read full article

    Internet Retailer

  • “How to Assess the Market Potential of Your Idea”

    “To do this, you may want to draw on [UserTesting] that will allow you to tap into the wisdom of the virtual crowd for modest prices.” Read full article

  • “Corporate customers rely on UserTesting”

    “The mobile revolution has provided a huge boost in business for UserTesting, a seven-year-old company based in Mountain View, Calif. Some 25,000 corporate customers, including heavyweights such as Google, Sony, Target, Ford Motor, Nestle and Random House, now rely on UserTesting for information about how real-world customers interact with their digital offerings.” Read full article


  • “The result? An almost instant 50% increase in conversions. Overnight.”

    “This one simple change that improved usability resulted in about 50% more business for us.” Read full article


  • “Invaluable feedback from a great service”

    “After just a few tests we were able to identify some key problems with our interface. Even as our site is constantly expanding, the input we got was indispensable in upgrading several of our key features. This is invaluable feedback from a great service.”

    Jacob Woodward
    Chief Designer,

  • “An indispensable tool”

    “UserTesting has proven to be an indispensable tool. It has allowed us to release great new features more quickly, while delivering a top-notch user experience.”

    Larry Stone
    User Interface Designer, oDesk

  • “Your baby is ugly”

    “Your baby is ugly – now you can find out why with UserTesting.”

    Tim Ash
    Author of Landing Page Optimization
    CEO of

  • “Best value we’ve had in 12 years in business”

    “Immediate impact to our bottom line, and for only $40 a test. We now use UserTesting weekly. Best value we’ve had in 12 years in business.”

    Mike Faith

  • “Quick, inexpensive user feedback”

    “The insights you’ll gain from just over $200, though, will, in my experience, easily yield 10X or even 100X back in online sales improvement.” Read full article


  • “Handy Tools and Tips for E-Commerce Websites”

    “Testing Tool 1: UserTesting. UserTesting delivers incredible value for the money. For $290, you choose the test to be carried out and the demographics of the audience, and hit “Go.” Not much later, you get 10 pieces of highly detailed video and written feedback. The information contained in those reports will earn you a lot more revenue than $290.” Read full article

    Smashing Magazine

  • “Get feedback fast”

    “In the old days, I would have recruited test participants, brought them into an office, and run usability sessions. It would have taken a couple of weeks. Not anymore! I scheduled UserTesting sessions, making sure that I got participants in all the main branches of the experiments. Within a few hours, I had a dozen 15 minute videos of people using the product. The entire process, including analysis, took about one full day.” Read full article

    Eric Ries author of The Lean Startup

  • “Fantastic tool for increasing your website’s conversion rate”

    “Here’s another fantastic tool for increasing your website’s conversion rate: It’s called UserTesting. If you haven’t used it before, you should. it’s great. It tells you why people leave your website (and loads of other interesting things).” Read full article

    Conversion Rate Experts

  • “Increased our conversion rate”

    “More users. Happier users! That’s what UserTesting has allowed us to get. We’ve identified many usability problems with our site using this tool and have improved the overall site experience and increased our conversion rate.”

    John Cole
    Product Manager, Eventful

  • “Identify trouble spots”

    “Here are several tools that can be used with a heuristic evaluation to identify trouble spots: … User Testing locates participants according to demographic requirements you set, has them complete the tasks you identify, and sends you the results, complete with a screen recording of each test session, for $39 per participant.” Read full article

    A List Apart

  • “Usability testing for ultra cheap”

    “Set out the tasks, identify your audience, test happens, you watch the video and read comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.” Read full article

    Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

  • “Indispensable”

    “Fast, easy, inexpensive and immensely valuable — UserTesting has proven to be an indispensable tool for improving usability. New insights are practically guaranteed the more you watch real people using your site.”

    Sean Flannagan
    Product Manager, Etsy

  • “20 Hot Silicon Valley Startups You Need To Watch”

    “UserTesting provides crowdsourced product testing for websites. The company matches up publishers with web users within specified demographics who provide video recordings of their interaction with sites.” Read full article

    Business Insider

  • “Excellent”

    “For the price, I think [UserTesting’s] an excellent thing to have in your toolbox. It’s perfect for getting a quick-and-dirty take on some question that’s not worth including in your monthly testing, or that you just can’t wait for it.”

    Steve Krug,
    from pages 138 and 139 of his book
    Rocket Surgery Made Easy

  • “Amazing”

    “High quality. Amazing turnaround time…Their test participants are great…Their customer service is excellent.” Read full article

    Bolt Peters

  • “Insane Cost Savings”

    “Usertesting is $39 per user. Compare that to flying to Chicago for three days to watch twelve people talk behind a two-way mirror, and that’s thousands of dollars in savings.” Read full article

    Johnny Holland Magazine

  • “The Best Place to Invest Your Marketing Dollar”

    “Do some usability and multi-variant testing on your web pages using tools like Crazy Egg, UserTesting, and Google Website Optimizer to find out how to change them to get higher conversions.” Read full article

    Duct Tape Marketing

  • “So fast”

    “ uses UserTesting for quick, affordable usability testing. The turnaround time from test planning to watching the video response is so fast. With the addition of mobile device testing, I’ll be using the service even more!”

    — Chad Mortensen Manager, User Experience at

  • “Faster Usability Testing”

    “An emerging trend is fast-turnaround online usability testing. This is a way of doing more, smaller usability tests harnessing the power of the Human Network, via online services that find test participants and record video for your sessions over the Internet.” Read full article

    Cisco’s “Web Experience” Blog

  • “Testing on competitor’s titles”

    “[Playdom’s Ralph] Koster touted a site called UserTesting that would run monitored focus tests for the company and allow for quick iteration. Koster said if they wanted to know whether or not people wanted a certain feature, they would put a button for it in the focus test version of the game. Even though the button didn’t do anything, if lots of people clicked on the button, they knew it was a feature worth actually developing. The team even had Usertesting run play testing on competitor’s titles, just so they could see what features they had that worked best with players.


  • “Intuit ran UserTesting on every product”

    “I worked for Intuit for five years. We ran UserTesting on every product before it was released. The entire “UserTesting” infrastructure was in place to get feedback on my website for less than $100. I could not have accomplished this without spending 10 or more hours or $500 or more to get the same valuable and timely feedback from multiple testers.”

    Jon Stoddard

  • “Instant results – and immediate impact”

    “We *love* UserTesting! Instant results – and immediate impact on Rypple’s usability. This service is bloody incredible. We’re hooked! I can’t think of a service that delivers more bang for the buck, so quickly. Use it. Your users will thank you…”

    Daniel Debow
    co-CEO, Rypple

  • Crutchfield uses testing to improve its e-commerce site

    “[Crutchfield says UserTesting has] two advantages over tests organized internally: Speed and cost.” Read full article

    Internet Retailer

  • “If Steve Krug recommended it, you know it’s good”

    “UserTesting is fast, cheap, quick and dirty testing… I heard about this via Steve Krug’s e-newsletter… If Steve Krug recommended it, you know it’s good. Thanks Steve!” Read full article

    Becoming a User Experience Designer

  • “Quick, trouble-free”

    “The service is quick, trouble-free, and reasonably priced. If you are a website’s manager or a developer, or if you are a web designer you can use this service to improve your site.” Read full article


  • “Be prepared for some knock-you-off-your-chair education”

    “If you want to know what really happens when people visit your web site, invest in this remarkable service: UserTesting…You have to experience the reality of watching people crawl your site. Be prepared for some knock-you-off-your-chair education!” Read full review

    Word Gets Around

  • “Nothing is released to our consumers until it has been UserTested”

    “ has integrated UserTesting into our standard release cycle because of the remarkable insights, ease of use and low price. Nothing is released to our consumers until it has been UserTested.”

    Matt Maloney

  • “Better than I could have hoped for”

    “On a whim, I decided to use UserTesting with the Outspoken Media website several months ago. The results were better than I could have hoped for, producing a long list of areas we need to improve on and are actively work towards. This feedback showed us problem areas where we didn’t realize we were missing opportunities. You don’t know what you don’t know! We’ve since used UserTesting on several client sites with even better results because the hardest thing to do is to tell a client that their website is broken.” Read full article

    Business Insider

  • “Key trends in 2011″

    “I am super excited about…UserTesting. Finally we can get voice of customer into our daily decision making in innovative ways that were not really possible before.” Read full article

    Avinash Kaushik

  • “UserTesting…is inexpensive and easy”

    “It’s easy to be turned off by the very mention of a prototype or a user test. They often evoke images of disposable, time-consuming, expensive pieces of work. However you feel about these topics, and however experienced you are at interface design, do not skip this step. This is the biggest test of our work to date. It highlights real issues with the interface, and our choice and implementation of app features while they are still easy and cheap to change. Not to be overly dramatic, but it can make or break the app. It’s also surprisingly quick and inexpensive – you’ll see results from as little as thirty minutes’ effort.” Read full article

    Net Magazine

  • “25 Killer CRO and UX Tools that will help you Shoot the HIPPO”

    “Nothing tells you more in such a short time! Watch the videos. Make notes. Collate these notes into a bullet point list of things that you will fix. Outcome: No highest paid person’s opinion can argue with the customer. Rub it in their face.” Read full article

    Shoot the Hippo

  • “5 Creative Uses for Crowdsourcing”

    “Startups like UserTesting aim to make it even simpler by maintaining a pool of participants who will offer their user experience within about an hour of a request.” Read full article


  • “8 Quick ‘n’ Dirty Tools to Beat Site Abandonment This Holiday”

    “UserTesting is a fast, cheap way to get videos of people using your site…Tests complete in about an hour.” Read full article

    Get Elastic

  • “Inexpensive… a great idea”

    “UserTesting offers inexpensive online usability testing of Web sites… UserTesting is a great idea. I wonder if it will be acquired (or imitated) and offered as a feature by a hosting service. [Microsoft] OfficeLive, perhaps?” Read full article

    Seattle Times

  • “Your friends will never tell you how much your site’s user interface stinks.”

    “Your friends will never tell you how much your site’s user interface stinks. I need to pay UserTesting’s users to hear the cold hard truth. You should too.”

    Jack Herrick
    Founder, wikiHow

  • “This service beautifully complements traditional, moderated user testing”

    “From just one 15-minute video, we got pile of great insights that we were able to pass on to our client. Some were head-smackingly obvious in hindsight (like the link that was so poorly worded, it was interpreted to mean the exact opposite of what we intended.) Some were things we’d never have imagined. (“Oh crap, you mean people will actually read this fine print??”). This service beautifully complements traditional, moderated user testing… If you only get one valuable insight, your test will have been worthwhile. And you’re likely to get much more than that.” Read full review

    VKI Studios

  • “UserTesting made the hardest part…about a billion times easier”

    “UserTesting made the hardest part — finding virgin users to test out UI pages or concepts — about a billion times easier. I intend to contract UserTesting on every project I do from here on out.” Read full review


  • “You can’t afford not to test”

    “This is the new way to run quick and reasonably priced user testing. I was able to save a lot of time with this service. The user feedback will help us improve our conversion rate.”

    Jean-Francois Vigeant
    User Experience Manager, Jewelry

  • “Wake-up call”

    “Hearing the feedback from real people (who are brutally honest when they are only talking to a recorder and a video cam) was quite the wake-up call. Check ‘em out.” Read full article

    Robbin Steif, CEO, LunaMetrics

  • “Identify where your website needs improvement”

    “Remote usability testing services like UserTesting put your site in front of a group of remote users who try to perform various tasks on your website. You can watch the video to discover problematic areas on your site.”

    Andrew Follett
    CEO, Concept Feedback

  • “7 Things You Can Do When Your Conversion Funnel Sucks”

    “Invest in user testing. Get live video of users going through your site, giving you feedback and walking you through their thought process as they consider whether or not to convert. UserTesting does a nice job and is very affordable.” Read full article

    Search Engine Journal

  • “State of the art”

    What’s nice about UserTesting’s offering is that they ask their testers to record a video of the process, which gave us great insight into the issues the testers (and likely the users, in the A/B test) were struggling with in the new layout. Read full article


  • “Legally spy on your competition”

    “UserTesting lets you “look over the shoulder” of people in your target audience while they use your website. I often use this for PPC (define) campaigns. I’ll specify a term and have three users look at several ads (including my clients) and the landing page and ask them to evaluate the experience on each.” Read full article


  • “A quantum leap in conversion optimisation”

    “Many website owners are discovering that the old approach to conversion optimisation (‘throw spaghetti at a wall and see what sticks’) isn’t cutting it any more. UserTesting puts high-quality website testers within reach of any webmaster or marketer. My first test uncovered three ‘no-brainer’ conversion blocks that I completely missed, plus four additional potential conversion boosters to test. This tool rocks!”

    Will Swayne
    Managing Director, Marketing Results

  • “Road test”

    “Usertesting offers an affordable way for small and large businesses to have their Websites road tested in their natural environments.” Read full article

    New York Post

  • “Best money you will ever spend”

    “I have used UserTesting for both my own company and several other companies that I advise. Easily the best return on money spent. It is always an eye opening experience to see people navigate through your site. I have found it to be even more effective than the in-person, behind the glass user testing because here users are not conscious about people watching them.”

    Jai Rawat
    Founder & CEO, ShopSocially

  • “60 minute turnaround and tons of new ideas for improving my site.”

    “As with any new service, I was hesitant to going in. I’ve worked with a lot of vendors over the years, who have promised many things, and there is usually some let-down when you get the results. This didn’t happen with UserTesting. You exceeded my expectations: 60 minute turnaround and tons of new ideas for improving my site.”

    Paul Kazlauskas
    Product Manager, Data Management, Inc

  • “The results were almost instantaneous”

    “I think you have a great service! I’ve been at companies where we’ve spent thousands of dollars on user testing and didn’t get nearly as much information as we did from the dozen tests we performed through your service. The process to set up the tests was extremely simple and the results were almost instantaneous. I love that I was able to share them with our entire company.”

    Derek Gordon
    President & CEO, Engage

  • “Blew us away…astonishing”

    “We were initially attracted to UserTesting by the price point. It was a “What have we got to lose?” proposition. What blew us away was the quality and speed of the reviews. Intelligent, comprehensive comments from the reviewers supported by quality video and audio of their actions on our site! It’s simply an astonishing service at a great price. We’ll certainly return for all our external user testing.”

    Sharron Jones
    Simply Audiobooks

  • “A great service that makes perfect use of crowdsourcing on the web”

    “I have already tried it a couple of times and found small changes that have already made a big difference on the site I was working on. I got two 15 minute videos the same afternoon that really showed some issues with how well the site did at conversion.” Read full review

    Compass Designs

  • “Test early and test often – great advice made a ton easier with UserTesting”

    “Test early and test often – great advice made a ton easier with UserTesting. We love how easy it is to setup a test then immediately share the video results across the product team.”

    Bill Moore
    CEO, RadioTime

  • “Low-cost and high-quality deliverables”

    “Give UserTesting your website’s demographic, and the service will select the right users to browse your site… All of this costs only $39 per test. Such low-cost and high-quality deliverables make UserTesting a great option for those looking to perform detailed tests of their websites, without having to resort to more expensive, comprehensive usability testing.” Read full article

    Webdesigner Depot

  • “Sales have increased considerably”

    “I was very impressed with UserTesting. After using your site it was obvious our system was complicated and difficult to use. WordLinx has now been updated and simplified, and sales have increased considerably.”

    Richard Sturdy, Rogue Media

  • “Our conversion rate increased by 50% overnight.”

    “During the holiday shopping season last year we did some user testing through UserTesting and realized it was a common problem. I decided to make the flat rate shipping the default, and automatically select free shipping for all qualifying orders (in US over $100). Our conversion rate increased by 50% overnight.” Read full article

    Online Marketing Inside Out

  • “Best Web Analytics 2.0 Tools”

    “Another great way to collect voice of customer (VOC) is to do usability studies. A recent sweet development is that you don’t just have to rely on often expensive lab usability studies. You can conduct affordable, scalable and frequent online usability studies. For $39 a pop UserTesting allows you to specify the demographic and other attributes of the users you are most interested in and then have those users complete tasks you specify on your site. You get a video and a written summary of their experiences. Nothing more powerful than actual frustrated users right?” Read full article

    Occam’s Razor

  • “Improve your app with Pre-Alpha Testing”

    “Here’s the main problem: You need to do user testing on your app, but you’re a long way off from having a Beta ready. The answer is Pre-Alpha Testing…We ordered 3-5 tests on UserTesting, specifying the type of user we were looking for.” Read full article

    Think Vitamin

  • “Stanford’s Hottest Startups Hunt For Customers”

    “We were impressed when we found that they did the in-person interviews by hiring UserTesting for $39 to set up test scenarios, gave the users specific tasks to accomplish with their minimum viable product, videotaped the customer interactions and summarized likes and dislikes.” Read full article

    The Huffington Post

  • “Beyond impressed”

    “I was beyond impressed with the results. No wonder selected them as a finalist in the Startup Competition. My user testers found five major usability flaws on our site. I am very excited to fix them and test it again!”

    Serena Hillman
    Director of Marketing & Web Development,

  • “Quick and cheap website usability testing”

    “UserTesting provides quick and cheap website usability testing. Website owners can access a network of pre-screened testers who are articulate and observant and who meet specified demographics.”


  • “Outsource usability”

    “Completely outsource usability to UserTesting…for an affordable price.” Read full book

    Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics 2.0

  • “Great feedback within 45 minutes”

    “I would highly recommend the use of UserTesting to any web site owner. I received great feedback within 45 minutes, in a very cost effective way.”

    Jim Ingham

  • “Increased our sales”

    “The greatest value of UserTesting isn’t the low price – it’s the ability to see our website with fresh eyes. After months of trying to make our website the best it could be, we lost perspective on what worked and what didn’t. Hearing honest feedback from real people helped us find and fix problems, which increased our sales.”

    Barry Rabkin
    Founder and Owner, CypherStyles

  • “Fun”

    “UserTesting helped quickly highlight some key bottlenecks which we were able to overcome. There is also something really fun about watching people use your own website.”

    Daniel Bower

  • “Quick…cheap”

    “UserTesting provides quick and cheap website usability testing.”

  • “Split test, split test, split test”

    “Trying to solve the question, what’s the best way to lay this out. Want impartial, honest 3rd party advice. In all my years of internet marketing, I’ve never found anything as powerful as this to share with a client. It’s one thing to say what I think but it has so much more validity when coming from a 3rd party.”

    Fred Sexton
    Mouse & Man

  • “[UserTesting] will increase your profitability without question”

    “We all want our web sites to perform to their optimum capability. To ensure this, usability testing is a critical tool for businesses, though finding quality feedback isn’t always straightforward. Well, now it can be, with UserTesting providing a service for a low price.” Read full review


  • “Live, honest feedback”

    “Live, honest feedback.” Read full review


  • “Stop everything and do a test right now”

    “Instant, eye opening results are guaranteed. Literally create a test in minutes, then just watch as results roll in. You’ll discover easy to fix problems with your site you never would have believed if you didn’t see it with your own eyes.”

    Philip Fierlinger
    Head of Design, Xero

  • “The online version of the usability labs of old”

    “At the Startup Lessons Learned conference Siqi Chen of Zynga recommended UserTesting. UserTesting is the online version of the usability labs of old. For $39 you get a 15 minute screen cast of a real user using your system while thinking aloud. Problems in flow are glaringly apparent.” Read full article

    Three Rivers Institute

  • “The Truth Will Make You Sick, Then Set You Free”

    “There are three things I liked about UserTesting:
    1. The firsthand experience. I was able to watch the videos for myself and hear the inflection in users’ voices (not somebody’s summary).
    2. The speedy response. I signed up for three reviews, submitted my instructions of what I wanted my visitors to do on the site, and logged out. Within the hour, the three video responses showed up in my email.
    3. The chance to ask more questions. I was offered the opportunity for additional feedback from the reviewers. I declined because I discovered what I needed to know in their videos. But it was nice to know that I could go deeper if needed.”
    Read full article

    Small Business Trends

  • “Cost-effective web design research”

    “The quality of feedback is comparable to what you might expect to find in a more formal lab-based setting, but without the additional costs (e.g., lab reservation fees, travel, scheduling for “no shows”, etc.).” Read full article

    iMedia Connection

  • “Much of this [usability testing] hassle is now taken care of…by UserTesting.”

    “The main problems with usability testing are logistical. You need to find the right test subjects and arrange the time and location for testing. You also need to decide how you are going to induce them to give up an hour of their time. Worst of all, once you have used someone they are ‘tainted’ and can’t be used again (except perhaps to test changes in the new versions). It’s a hassle. Or at least it was. Much of this hassle is now taken care of for you by new web-based service UserTesting.” Read full review

    Successful Software

  • “Man are we impressed!”

    “I found UserTesting while browsing through some posts at the Joel on Software forums and man are we impressed! UserTesting allows you to conduct highly targeted tests. At the end of the test, you will have access to a flash recording of the user’s session (with voice) and a transcript of their summarised feedback.

    hedgehog lab

  • “The videos were worth every penny”

    “I laughed, I cried, my eyes were opened, but most of all I pinched myself for not finding UserTesting sooner! The videos were worth every penny.”

  • “Why release untested work when you can have 5 independent testers spot problems before your clients do?”

    “UserTesting is the ultimate must-have testing tool for web designers. I was initially attracted by the $29 price and have been won over by the ease of use, speed and insight of your testers. I can’t see any justification for releasing any online content without undergoing this third-party testing process first. Why release untested work when you can have 5 independent testers spot problems before your clients do? This greatly improves the end-user experience while driving down web development costs.

    Dominic A Yeadon
    E-Marketing Consultant, TMB E-Marketing Agency

  • “Five User Experience Trends”

    “Fast and cheap tools like UserTesting will have a real impact.” Read full article


  • “Conversion rate goes up”

    “Every time we watch someone use our website, we learn something new. We get a deeper understanding of our customers, and our conversion rate goes up”

    Dan Martell
    Co-founder, Flowtown

  • “Cost-effective”

    “UserTesting provides you with a cost-effective way to conduct remote trials of your site. Steve Krug says that, ‘UserTesting is perfect for quick-and-dirty usability testing. It’s inexpensive, requires almost no effort, and gets you results incredibly quickly, often in just a few hours.’ ” Read full article


  • “It reduced my turn around time on many tests from two weeks to overnight”

    “Set up your test, pay a ridiculously small amount of money per participant, go out for a longish lunch, and come back to completed videos of people using your product. There’s no such thing as a no-show, and if one participant is crazy, you can give them a bad rating and have another one in a matter of hours. Seriously. This is the feature that totally sold it for me. It reduced my turn around time on many tests from two weeks to overnight. ” Read full article

    Users Know

  • “I’ve been building and promoting websites since 1996 and this is seriously the best tool I’ve seen for a webmaster in YEARS”

    “I was able to WATCH and HEAR how someone new to my site was able to get around. I was able to SEE which areas of the website caught their eye and where their mouse moved (very important).

    I was able to SEE clearly which areas of the site were confusing and which were easy to use. At one point the tester was caught in a loop when trying to perform a task that I would have thought was very simple. The link they clicked was to a help document on “how to” perform a function when they *thought* the link actually *performed* the function.

    I saw where they were looking for specific information and what information was missing from where they looked.

    I can’t believe how clear things became when I saw the tester navigate through the site. I easily spotted 5 things I could fix that would save me time answering support questions and help people find information on the site with greater ease.

    I’ve been building and promoting websites since 1996 and this is seriously the best tool I’ve seen for a webmaster in YEARS.”

    Rodney Blackwell

  • “Improve conversions 30%”

    “I help businesses improve their results on the Internet. UserTesting’s service has now become a MUST for all my important landing pages that I develop and deploy. With 1, 2 or 3 testers’ feedback I know that I am on the right track with refinements that can improve conversions 10, 20 or even 30%. More importantly the testers highlight the changes that can frustrate, confuse, or otherwise turn people off. One of the great things I appreciate is the quick turnaround. You simply MUST try it – I promise you’ll be just as amazed as I was!”

    Dr Marc Dussault

  • “An Incredible Value!”

    “We heard about your service from a local SEO company and gave it a shot. We were skeptical because of the low price, but turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. Many client websites have usability issues, but we just did not have a good recommendation for them. Now we do!”

    Arnie Kuenn
    President, Vertical Measures

  • “Every small business’s dream”

    “We’ve built our whole business model around the consumer and user input, so we absolutely love UserTesting. Fast, cheap, easy, accurate readings on how users really feel about your website – UserTesting is every small business’s dream.”

    Chris Kolmar
    Product Manager, Movoto

  • “Why didn’t somebody think of this before?”

    “I really respect what you people do. So transparent, so straightforward, so quick, so useful, so why didn’t somebody think of this before?

    It’s just so hard to:
    a) see the snags in stuff you design yourself and
    b) get anyone you know to be objective.

    Good luck, thanks, I’ll be back and I am now a walking ad for UserTesting.”

    Miles Harris

  • “Increased our sales significantly”

    “Usertesting has helped us identify some key improvements to our site, specifically the navigation, has increased our sales significantly. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get unbiased, reliable feedback on your site!”

  • “An easy way to double your bottom line”

    “I love this service…UserTesting is an easy way to double your bottom line.”
    Read full review

    Gab Goldenberg

  • “We immediately heard about an obvious usability issue”

    “We completed a 3 user test yesterday of some of our pay per click landing pages. Guess what? We immediately heard about an obvious usability issue. We’ve taken the affected page down while we’re re-working it. When we’ve finished, you can bet we’ll run another test. I urge you to do the same on your site.” Read full review

    iData Technologies

  • “Useful insights into what could be improved”

    “Alongside some informal user tests with friends and colleagues, we used the services of UserTesting. They set up user tests with people in your demographic and you can then download the video of the session online. This gave us some really useful insights into what could be improved, and we made quite a few changes as a result.” Read full review


  • “Unbelievable”

    “This is unbelievable. I LOVE this service. The usability feedback on my sites was spot on. I’ll be back for more.”

    Mike Mindel
    Founder, CTO

  • “Brilliant”

    “Quite simply, a freaking brilliant idea.”

    Sam Ng
    Founder, Optimal Usability

  • “I’m UserTesting’s new biggest fan”

    “Our six tests gave instant insight into problems with our checkout process; many of which simply had never occurred to us. In short: I’m UserTesting‘s new biggest fan.”

    Richard Kershaw


  • “Results within a half hour!”

    “We used UserTesting to test our redesign–the cost was low and we got great video and text results from three users within a half hour! The users identified some clear problems that we had overlooked since we were so close to the project for so long. Now we rarely launch a site without using UserTesting first.”

    Ashley N. Flitter
    Director of Web Development,

  • “I was impressed”

    “I am a usability professional, but every time I do user testing I’m reminded that I am not a typical user (and this is a good thing). All three testers identified issues (the same ones) that hadn’t occurred to me in my initial audit.” Read full article

    Web Fix

  • “My personal favorite”

    “Today I’m going to talk up my personal favorite of these [affordable] services, with which I’ve been continually impressed: UserTesting. UserTesting is exactly what it professes to be, low cost usability testing.” Read full article

    Freedom Voice

  • “Steve Krug…recommended you guys”

    “Fantastic service! I attended a full-day Steve Krug event on usability and he recommended you guys. Although the day was packed with great advice, his recommendation to try UserTesting has helped my bottom-line the most.”

    Neal Collins

  • “App User Testing Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune”

    “As for the product, it is easy and quick, with a test taking as little as one hour. Given the need for fast product development cycles, this is certainly a big deal.” Read full article


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