UserTesting provides fast, affordable feedback on your website and mobile apps from our large panel of qualified users.

Here’s why you should use our service:

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    Video and Audio

    You’ll receive a video of a user performing tasks that you specify as they think out loud. You can see and hear where they get confused and frustrated.

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    On Demand 24/7

    Our qualified panel is waiting to test your site. Receive results fast: usually within an hour.

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    Observe Participants in Their Natural Environment

    Users are in their homes or offices, at their own computers, speaking directly to you.

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    Targeted Users

    Our large panel ensures that participants match your target audience.

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    Test Anything on the Web

    Test websites, Facebook games, password protected sites, and prototypes. Or test a competitor’s website. You can even test mobile apps.

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    Take notes while you review videos to mark key learnings. Export to Excel for further analysis.

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    Easily Edit Video Clips

    Create a focused presentation to share with stakeholders using the built-in clip editor. Download videos in MPEG-4, WMV, and QuickTime format.

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    Ask Follow-Up Questions

    After you’ve received the video test results and written answers, you can still interact with users. Ask them any follow-up questions that you’d like.

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    You’re in Good Company

    UserTesting is used by half of the top 30 websites. We’ve run over 100,000 usability tests, more than any company in the world. Your data is safe with us.

But the real proof is in the bottom line: your conversion rate.
If you try UserTesting and it doesn’t improve your conversion rate, we’ll give you your money back.

Rapid results
Invaluable feedback
At a price you can afford
Satisfaction guaranteed.