Who are the user testers?

Real users, not usability experts. We use crowdsourcing to recruit and screen test participants from all kinds of backgrounds. Our user testers are normal people who clearly articulate their experiences while performing tasks on a website. We have built a network of those people for you to tap into.

Users are pre-screened. The people who apply to be users have to do a sample test and provide profile information. Their video and written review are evaluated by our screeners, and most of them are filtered out. Those who are approved can participate in the usability studies on our site. Then they get rated by customers, and those with lower ratings get removed. So the quality of our users continually improves.

Don’t users require a moderator? Yes, usability testing normally requires a moderator who guides users to make sure they:

  1. Perform all the tasks and
  2. Verbalize their thoughts

However, moderators are expensive. Part of our competitive advantage is that we have a large panel of users who can do these two things on their own. And, they do them in the natural environment of their home or office, rather than the artificial setting of a laboratory.

Users share these qualities:

  • They can think out loud. In other words, they speak their thoughts as they browse.
  • They follow instructions and stay on task.
  • They notice things that are confusing or difficult to accomplish.

Test your target audience – When choosing users, you can specify the following demographics:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Country
  • Income
  • Web Expertise
  • Other — This is where you can specify additional requirements such as “small business owner” or “Facebook user with 200+ friends”

Facts about our users:

  • Are not our employees. About 85% reside in the US, and most of the remaining 15% are from Canada and the UK.
  • Normally participate in studies very infrequently because we have more users in our database than we have work opportunities. This is important so they remain like a typical Internet user.
  • Have a wide variety of web experience, from beginning user to expert.
  • Have been rated highly by customers in previous usability tests.
  • Receive $10 per usability test. (Apply to be a user tester.)

Our Guarantee: The users who test your website will deliver a video and a review with very helpful observations. If that doesn’t happen, then get a refund.

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