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Share your insights in the 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey

Share your insights in the 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey

Hannah Alvarez  |  December 05, 2016

Note: The 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey is now closed to responses. Stay tuned for our report on the findings in late January!

It's time for UserTesting's fourth annual industry survey of UX, Product, Marketing, Design, and Research leaders! Join thousands of other professionals and weigh in on how UX, user research, and customer insights impact your organization.


Once the results are in, we'll create a report on the state of the industry, and you'll be among the first to receive it. The survey results will give you insight into how professional teams approach user feedback in digital product development.

You can expect to learn:

• Which departments are gaining ROI from user research

• When (and how frequently) research factors into development

• How teams are spending their research budget

• What’s changed in the industry since last year

Take the survey

Take the 2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey today! It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Please invite your colleagues to share their insights, too.

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About the author:

Hannah is a content manager, dedicated to helping marketers and designers build amazing experiences. In her free time, she likes making things and going on adventures.