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Career paths at UserTesting: appreciating our interns

Ben Russo  |  October 19, 2018

At UserTesting, our focus isn’t just on creating great experiences for our customers, we’re committed to doing the same for all members of the UserTesting family too, from full-time employees to interns. In fact, we’re obsessed with giving folks opportunities to learn and grow on the job. We’ve always felt that having a vibrant intern program is a perfect fit with our culture and values. Over the summer, we had several interns on our UserTesting campuses for a taste of the professional life. Come fall, this group “graduated” from UserTesting’s internship program having done a ton of amazing work. Our interns were a joy to have around, and they had a lot to say about what they gained from their experiences with us. After spending the summer working with the Engineering team in San Francisco, Cole Wiley had this to say about his experience at UserTesting,

I feel like throughout the summer my biggest learning points was around pivoting and doing a complete 180—even when at first things were almost frightening. By the end it gets to this point where you’re extremely excited by any insights that people can give you, any conversation that get started, or different perspectives that you can agree with right of the bat. Then you get this more collaborative feel where you are just excited to be able to push this piece of software in the right direction.

Lindsey Vasse, an intern with the Sales Operations team in San Francisco, was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get up to speed, despite not being initially familiar with UX/CX, noting,

Prior to joining UserTesting, I honestly did not know very much about user experience research as a profession let alone as a business. Throughout my internship, I learned exactly how important it is to any growing company, regardless of product or services offered. Coming into my first day, I was extremely nervous. However, I immediately got involved and started working on assignments, which definitely helped me feel more comfortable. UserTesting is special because of both the environment and the people. Everyone is so welcoming and they truly make UserTesting a great place to work.

Steven An, who also interned with the Engineering team in San Francisco, added,

Part of the reason UserTesting is a unique company is because of their company values.  People who work there are kind, own results, and always get better at what they do. It wasn't hard for me to see why.

UT interns: A gift that keeps on giving

As every summer winds down, days are shorter, the weather turns gray, and our interns go back to school. However, the impact from the work they completed and the relationships that they made remain. It’s not uncommon to see interns come back from summer to summer, and we’ve even had a few of them who have come back and taken on full-time jobs with us after they’ve finished their studies. Our fridges are always open at any time for interns past and present to raid.

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About the author:

Ben Russo is the Head of Employee Success at UserTesting. When he's not thinking of new ways to make UserTesting the best place possible to work, he's out on a soccer field or reading a book with his cats.