Nicole Norton and Greg Smith

About the author:

Nicole Norton is the User Experience & Design Strategist at PwC. I like puzzles. The 1000-piece, lots of the same color, hair-pulling puzzles. There is nothing more gratifying than when those 1000 pieces become a coherent picture. That’s why I enjoy my current role as a User Experience Strategist. It enables me to see the problem, identify the right people and connections, and put the pieces together. Over a 25-year career, I have learned a lot about user research, digital strategy, project management, design, and art direction in a variety of industries. Because of my experience, I can safely say, I still have a lot to learn. You can catch more analogies on Medium or dig into empathy and interviewing on my podcast “What I Don’t Know” (@whatidontknowpodcast on Instagram). 

Greg Smith is a Human Experience & Research Leader at PwC. I help people, teams, and organizations solve problems using a combination of human-centered design methodologies, based largely on Design Thinking. I believe that truly innovative solutions—whether for a digital experience, a physical product, or an organizational structure—can only be achieved after first understanding the problem at its most fundamental level. I love what I do and love working with individuals that share my passion for great experiences. When I'm not working, I'm generally outdoors (ideally on the water) with my two boys, or squeezing in a run on a quiet road somewhere. Read more of his work here