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Career paths at UserTesting: How Tim Pegnim rose through the ranks in Sales

Ben Russo  |  May 03, 2018

Meet Tim Pegnim. Tim has been with UserTesting since June of 2013; in that time, he's been promoted five times and is a star on our Sales Team. Tim is currently the Manager of UserTesting’s Mid-Market Sales Team.

How did you hear about UserTesting and what was your first role here?

I wanted to get into the tech industry, and that’s initially what got me interested in a position at UserTesting. I did some research and read about the company, and it just clicked. It felt like it was something that was missing in the industry and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

When I interviewed, I was so impressed by all of the smart people working here, and I wanted to surround myself with those types of people.

I started off as an Enterprise SDR (Sales Development Representative) for my first year. After that, I was the SDR Lead for a few months, and then eventually stepped into an SMB (Small-and-Medium-sized Businesses) Account Executive (AE) role.

How big was the jump from SDR Lead to SMB Account Executive?

It was a big jump, but it was extremely rewarding. I had a foundation in sales from a previous job, but this role taught me how to do solutions sales the right way. I learned how digital projects were built, and it really was fascinating to get immersed in the tech industry.

Then a year later I was made SMB AE Lead and took on team responsibilities like running meetings and sitting in on other’s calls. It also gave me experience working on things like a pricing structure and coming up with new techniques for selling.

When we created our Mid-Market team, I was able to step up and contribute as the Mid-Market Account Executive. What excites me the most is helping my team succeed, as opposed to being an individual contributor. There’s something really rewarding about seeing your team meet their goals and knowing that you did it together.

What’s unique about working at UserTesting?

The combination of our customers and our product. When I talk to my colleagues and friends in tech, it’s evident that there's no other company that has a product that people are so happy about and love so much. It gets me so excited to talk to someone who’s enthusiastic about how our product has changed their work and to see them evangelize it.

Another thing that I haven’t experienced elsewhere is that the people at UserTesting are amazing. It’s hard to find a smarter, friendlier group of people than the ones we have here.

What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned from that?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that it’s all about relationships. Value the relationships you’re building with your coworkers and your customers. I always default to assuming the best of people. If you have genuine relationships with those you work with and your customers, you’ll be successful.

What advice would you give to someone who was looking to get into a Sales position in tech?

Understand your customer and make sure that you genuinely want to help them. One of the biggest things I can attribute some of my success to is trying to think like them, whether it be a Product Manager, Marketer, UX Designer, etc. Read articles about UX Design, go to Marketing and Product Manager conferences and really understand their world, pain points, and needs. Don’t be just another salesperson, and take pride in understanding your customers' world and partnering with them.

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About the author:

Ben Russo is the Head of Employee Success at UserTesting. When he's not thinking of new ways to make UserTesting the best place possible to work, he's out on a soccer field or reading a book with his cats.