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Defragmenting Your User Research with Lou Rosenfeld [On-Demand Webinar]

UserTesting  |  October 07, 2014


All businesses collect user data from somewhere (and often everywhere). From analytics and customer behavior to design and usability, different teams within a company get their data from different sources. All of this user research results in piles and piles of data.

But how does a company take all this fragmented information and use it to solve real design problems?

We recently hosted a webinar with Lou Rosenfeld, Founder at Rosenfeld Media, to uncover solutions for getting your different teams talking to each other and making sense of all the data.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Lou's presentation:

  • "We’ve kind of gotten to the point where people in large organizations, and small ones too, who are senior, who make decisions, who are leaders actually talk about user experience, usability, customer experience. They talk the talk, but their organizations don’t fully walk the walk yet. And I want to think about what’s next for us. What is the next battle we need to fight in order to really help organizations deliver better experiences to their customers?
  • "We wonder, with all the investment in our user research, why our designs still suck. We’re spending heavily in organizations now in many types of user research, and yet our work still stinks."
  • "It comes down to this: no one has the full picture of the problem. We’re doing, organizationally speaking, a horrible job of combining different types of insight together to really understand the truth that is out there, that we are trying to design for."
  • "Many of us are really focused on what our organization’s goals are... And many of us are more about advocating on behalf of user, that is what comes naturally to us. We are both important. Organization and user goals don’t always line up, but they are both important. We need to work together to get them in alignment."
  • "So when you have a more balanced approach, when you know that there are different people, different tools and different perspectives that you can bring to bear, even on the same data, it's really pretty powerful."

For more insights from Lou, watch the complete webinar now!

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