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E-commerce Software Company Volusion Combines UserTesting and Optimizely to Boost Conversions

Hannah Alvarez  |  July 09, 2014

E-commerce Software Company Volusion Combines UserTesting and Optimizely to Boost Conversions

The challenge

With more and more retail businesses opening online stores, it’s a competitive market for e-commerce platforms like Volusion. That’s why Volusion’s Senior Digital Analyst, Merritt Aho, decided to get creative to increase conversions.

To make sure Volusion had the right mix of messaging and user experience, Aho turned to UserTesting and Optimizely.

The strategy

Aho wanted to identify areas of the website that could use improvement and then test different solutions.

First, he ran a series of competitor tests with UserTesting to find out how customers perceived Volusion’s homepage in comparison with their competition. He learned that the page could do a better job of introducing the product and helping customers understand exactly what Volusion offered.

Then, using Optimizely, he A/B tested various product positioning messages on the homepage to find out which made the biggest impact.

The result

Through the A/B test, Aho found that one version yielded a 10% increase in conversion rate and a 6% increase in trials& of the product! He used Optimizely to push all traffic to the winning test while Volusion’s engineers updated the homepage.

Aho says the key to his success was the combination of user feedback and analytics.

When I go into meetings, I like to have both data and voice of the customer to back up every opinion. It’s a powerful combination.

To read the full story of how Volusion optimized their homepage, download the case study!

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