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Forrester report: Get the customer insight you need without sacrificing speed

Forrester report: Get the customer insight you need without sacrificing speed

Jennifer Moebius  |  October 11, 2018

Analyst firm Forrester recently published a powerful report, Modernize Your Customer Research by CX analyst Kelly Price. The report found that while CX professionals know how important customer research is for great experience design, their peers in other roles often believe it just takes too much time (so it’s often skipped). The report aims to quash that myth by detailing the technologies and techniques that exist to conduct research faster and better—within as little as a few hours. Kelly writes:

Firms that overemphasize speed often deprioritize the exploratory qualitative research necessary for understanding what experiences and products it would be most profitable for them to create—and therefore invest in less profitable ones instead.

To capture human insights without sacrificing speed, the report recommends:

  • Integrating exploratory research into development timelines with upfront planning
  • Getting deep contextual insight remotely
  • Getting quick feedback with on-demand interview solutions
  • Gathering qualitative evidence using tech tools you already have

Forrester highlights Devin Harold, a UX research manager on Verizon's Customer Experience Insights team, who “uses UserTesting's Live Conversation to increase his capacity in setting up qualitative interviews quickly.” Devin is passionate about continuously improving the customer experience by engaging in the best practices recommended above, most recently offering these 7 tips for smoother remote live interviews. The Forrester report continues:

This has let him support more teams and projects simultaneously than if every study were conducted in person. It also has helped his upfront qualitative generative research become more comprehensive. He has used the approach in conjunction with traditional in-person methods, like participatory design, to do follow-on research that refines learnings and digs deeper into specific questions.

The bottom line is that achieving customer empathy and understanding is essential to creating great experiences, but it doesn’t require slowing down. To learn more about how modern research approaches make it possible to move fast and maximize your return on research, download the Forrester report here. (It’s on us until mid-April!)

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About the author:

Jennifer is a PR and Marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience championing global media and analyst relations efforts, content marketing, social media strategy, and speaking/awards programs for the high-tech and B2B sectors.