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Friday Fix: Our Favorite UX Posts This Week

Jennifer DeRome  |  July 24, 2015

It’s Friday, you made it! When you’re done with the cat videos and weekend planning, we’ve got a few great reads to kick off your weekend. Check out our favorite articles from this week:

The Impact of Happiness on Online Experience

An interesting read from Change Sciences about how happiness impacts our experiences with brands online.

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20 Creative Examples of 404 Error Pages to Inspire You

We love a good 404 page. Here's another batch of creative examples to inspire you, from the Web Design Ledger.

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"No UI" Design's Next Move: Face UI 

FastCo.Design pulls back the curtain to address what's really going on behind all those beautiful UIs. Does it really help us to be shielded from everything that's going on behind the scenes?

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Car Hack Uses Digital-Radio Broadcasts to Seize Control

Remember Stephen King's "Christine?" A car with a mind of its own may not be far off. BBC News reports on a not-so-fictional vehicle, overtaken via digital radio.

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The New York Times Product Discovery Activity Guide

The New York Times shares its approach to product development, and what it learned by rolling out a pilot program.

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About the author:

Jennifer is a Senior Content Strategist for UserTesting. When she's not dreaming up new ways to connect with audiences, you can find her traveling around the world or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.