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Weekly roundup: how to create better content

| June 7, 2019
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Calling all content creators! Looking for a little Friday inspiration? Here are our top five blog posts to help you create great content experiences:

1. The art of content testing and measurement

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By not researching, measuring, and testing their content, UX teams rob themselves of the chance to learn how users understand and react to various tones, word choices, and content structures.

2. How storytelling brings experiences to life

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No matter what you’re building, chances are a person will interact with it at some point. As the creators of these experiences, we have the opportunity, if not the responsibility, to not only share our own story through design but to consider the stories that the people using our products have to tell, too.

3. How to build empathy and connect with customers through microcopy

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For many companies, microcopy is an afterthought and often overlooked as a way to connect with your customers. But when that copy is done right it can make a huge impact on your customers and even your conversions.

4. 5 tips to make your content easier to read

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Writing for an audience with low literacy not only makes your content more accessible to a broader audience, but it also makes it easier on your users with higher literacy.

5. How inclusive content empowers your customers

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There’s a huge spectrum of accessibility needs. Capturing the broadest swath possible not only makes us decent people but it also opens up your potential market or audience.

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