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Weekly roundup: all about customer empathy

| June 14, 2019
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Closing the empathy gap is the key to creating great customer experiences. But how? Here are our five favorite blog posts about how to incorporate empathy into your decision making.

1. What is customer empathy? 9 industry experts weigh in

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The Age of the Customer has arrived and embedded itself across every industry. Customer empathy—something that may have seemed like a buzzword or lip-service in the past, has proved to be a competitive differentiator. We asked industry experts what customer empathy meant to them.

2. Customer empathy—it’s just like riding a bike

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Repeat after me: You. Are. Not. Your. User.

3. Everyday empathy: practical tips for applying customer empathy

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Applying empathy is the key to building better relationships with the people you interact with. However you define empathy, it’s about much more than a moment in time—it’s a principle that should be practiced daily, bringing you closer to your customers and empowering you to build better products and experiences.

4. Translating empathy into actionable results with Carmax’s Archie Miller and Chip Trout

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Archie Miller, discovery coach, and Chip Trout, product design journey lead at CarMax share strategies for effectively translating the empathy gained from user research into actionable results.

5. Empathy maps: a step-by-step guide for better digital experiences

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Empathy maps are a simple tool to actively listen when you speak with users and quickly organize that feedback using a four-quadrant system, categorizing what these users say, think, feel and do.

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