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Hacking customer insight to build better product with My Recruit

Shyna Zhang  |  October 23, 2017

Like you, we're obsessed with exceeding customer expectations. Therefore, we're always on the lookout for organizations, design professionals, and product managers who are creating delightful experiences at every step of the customer journey. Below are just a few of the stories that we’ve heard from members of our community who have used UserTesting’s My Recruit to hack customer insight and understand how their users are engaging with a product in their native environment. My Recruit gives UserTesting customers the ability to tap into insights from employees, existing customers, industry experts, and people with unique demographics faster and easier than ever before.

Customer feedback in their native setting

Google’s product team wanted to better understand how users experienced Google News on mobile devices—on their commute, at home before bed, or first thing in the morning—to uncover critical issues and potential pain points.

The challenge

Previously, Google’s in-house recruiting teams were manually identifying and then scheduling moderated studies, a time consuming and manual process.

The solution

Armed with a list from in-house recruiters, the UX team directly emailed customers and asked them to download the My Recruit iOS Engage App and participate, with compelling incentives.

The outcome

Customers first participated in unmoderated, recorded studies using the iOS Engage App, providing vital feedback as they interacted organically with Google News. Researchers next followed up with a moderated study to dig deeper and extract richer, targeted insights.

Ensuring product familiarity with major redesign

Turning Technologies, a producer of software and tools to facilitate engagement in classrooms, wanted feedback from users familiar with their products in advance of a major redesign. Would customers still be able to navigate the new design and accomplish their critical tasks?

The challenge

The team had previously used emails and then video conferencing software to schedule and conduct studies with customers.

The solution

The team devised a two-step approach: First they sent out an email survey to identify two customer segments (the ones with the most positive and also most critical feedback). Next, they used My Recruit to send a study to these two groups.

The outcome

The team saved time and resources being able to launch studies asynchronously. This helped secure feedback from a large number of customers to support decisions for a substantial product update.

Actionable Insights Influence Product Roadmap

LeadPages, a creator of digital marketing products, gains valuable insights from customers in order to influence product development with My Recruit.

The challenge

Typically securing feedback from their customer base through an email and opt-in survey, the team couldn’t gain visibility into the customers’ thought processes or how they were interacting with the product. This yielded shallow, non-actionable customer data.

The solution

The team used My Recruit to reach out to their customers, who had the experience and background that would enable them to provide thoughtful feedback on product experiences.

The outcome

With My Recruit, the team can easily reach out to interested customers and quickly conduct unmoderated studies. Additionally, the CX team can gain buy-in right from the start by showing the product team the feedback videos so that they can directly see and hear how customers are engaging with their products.

Want to learn more?

To learn how Microsoft, InterContinental Hotels (IHG), NEJM Group and other enterprise brands enlist My Recruit to deliver better customer experiences, check out the press release here. You can also download the Build better products with My Recruit success kit today to get tips, checklists, customer success stories and more to learn how organizations are using real-time customer insight to build better products. Have a story to share? Mention us (@usertesting) on Twitter so we can share with our community!

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About the author:

Shyna is part of the UserTesting Product Marketing Team. She's passionate about helping organizations test assumptions and re-imagine their customer experience. What 'truths' have you tested today?