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Hands-free holidays: How AI can help

Asha Vergis  |  November 19, 2017

When I think about the holidays, the last thing that comes to mind is anything ‘hands-free’—if anything, it’s all hands on deck! But as technology continues to advance, so do the options to help streamline our lives, including, you guessed it, hands-free solutions like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversational interfaces may seem like emerging technologies to some, but according to Juniper Research, it’s estimated that 55% of U.S. households will have these smart devices in their homes by 2022.

To see how these technologies are working in the real world, we conducted a study with 100 participants using the Google Home and Amazon Echo devices to accomplish three common holiday tasks: creating a grocery shopping list, listening to holiday music, and checking out movie listings at local theaters.

We wanted to find out if AI-powered personal assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Echo could not only help with your family’s holiday activities but also help you keep that promise of a #devicefreedinner (heeding Will Ferrell's PSA).

Check out the datasheet below to learn what we found.


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About the author:

Asha is a Senior UX researcher at UserTesting, hoping to create a more user friendly world. She enjoys beautiful designs, cat gifs, and all forms of dance.