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New Demographic Option: The Hipster

| April 1, 2015
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Here at UserTesting, we’re pleased to announce a new addition to our test panel demographic filters.

With our new “hipster testing” option, we are thrilled to now offer our customers access to real, authentic feedback from an elusive, non-traditional group.

Are you looking for feedback on the authenticity (or lack thereof) of the fashion flannel your company is selling or even the quality of your CEO’s handlebar mustache? You can get that from our hipster panel!

Here’s how it works

When ordering your test, simply select the Hipster panel from the dropdown menu.

Once selected, you can then handpick your test participants based on important criteria, such as the bushiness of his/her beard, preferred bicycle type (fixie, unicycle, high wheel), and favorite decade (’90s or 1890s).

Then, order your test as normal. Your feedback will be hand-delivered to you in 3-5 weeks.

If you’d rather a hipster professional handle the testing, our expert research mixologists are well-equipped to handle all of your hipster testing needs. They have hand-crafted test plans that will help you get exactly the feedback you need to connect with your millennial audience.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and run your first hipster test today… before it becomes cool.