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Weekly roundup: double-check your holiday shopping experience

Steven Carr  |  November 27, 2019

Throughout the year we’re all responsible for making business decisions that impact customer experience. And while CX is something that should be considered year-round, the decisions you make leading up to the holiday season can dramatically affect your bottom line. From enhancements to your website or app to in-store first impressions, there’s a lot to be done in preparation for holiday shopping.

Check out these posts to make sure you’re on the right track making seasonal enhancements that your customers (and potential customers) love.

1. 9 tips for optimizing your site or app’s shopping experience

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The fact that consumers will shop every holiday season is a guarantee, but if they’ll have a great experience isn’t. To prepare for holiday shoppers, check out these tips for optimizing your digital shopping experience—including how to do it.

2. Social commerce: meet the growing trend transforming ecommerce 

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Imagine a world where content truly meets conversion. Where a newsfeed doubles as a digital marketplace. This holiday season, if you’re not leveraging social commerce in your digital retail strategy, you might want to think again.

3. Customer empathy: the key to Black Friday shopping bliss

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As customer experience becomes the key competitive differentiator for companies, the shopping experience continues to evolve, especially when it comes to the year’s most profitable shopping season. That’s why we ran a small study across the US and UK to uncover some Black Friday shopping trends this season.

4. 27 questions every retailer should be asking their users

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Undoubtedly, retailers want to get inside the heads of their consumers. Because there are so many ways to perform customer research, it’s important that you’re asking the right questions. This year, prep for a profitable holiday season with customer insights on your side.

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About the author:

Steven is a Content Strategist at UserTesting. When he’s not inserting oxford commas where they belong, you can find him shooting pool at a local dive or laughing at his own jokes.