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The Four Mobile Traps: The Most Common Mistakes Made by Mobile Apps and Websites

UserTesting  |  June 13, 2013

The Four Mobile Traps

Helping you create the best possible experience for your site’s visitors is what we live, sleep, eat and breathe. After enlisting the services of our Mobile Strategist, Michael Mace, and watching THOUSANDS of mobile user testing videos, we’re proud to present to you our first eBook: "The Four Mobile Traps: The Most Common Mistakes Made by Mobile Apps and Websites."

Traps, tips and the MOST important feature

Not only does this 42-page eBook contain the four most common mistakes made by mobile apps and websites, it also features detailed tips on how you can avoid them. You'll learn why it's never a good idea to simply port your desktop site to mobile, why your icons might be confusing users, and the single most important feature that less than 15% of mobile apps have.

Creating your mobile site is not going to be easy, but this eBook will help you get through it with a little more confidence, and with the wisdom that comes from watching more than a thousand mobile user testing videos.

Call Us John Dillinger, Because We’ve Got Your Escape Plan

Ready to escape your mobile trap? Simply download the free eBook. Learn from the pitfalls that others have fallen into, and get on your way to creating the best possible mobile experience.


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