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UserTesting + Slack Integration

| February 15, 2018
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We’re pleased to announce that UserTesting is now integrated with Slack, the productivity chat application used and loved by many. If you and your team use Slack, you can more easily share UserTesting studies, videos, clips, and highlight reels via Slack channels.

How it works

When using the UserTesting video player to view a video, video clip or highlight reel, simply select the Share button at the bottom of the player.

Then select Share to Slack from the menu.

Note: You may be asked to enable the Slack integration if you haven’t done so already.

Next, just choose the channel you’d like to share to and select Share.

Once the video is posted to Slack, its details “unfurl” automatically displaying the study name and other pertinent information with members of that channel. This provides a summary of the content so that your colleagues and team members understand what they’re viewing before clicking on the link.

Details will also automatically display if you copy and paste the URL of a study, video, video clip or highlight reel directly into a Slack channel.

At UserTesting, we believe that access to insights helps guide all teams towards collaboratively creating superior experiences for customers. With this Slack integration, we further this mission—making it easier to share learnings, insights, and points of interest to members of your team and offering helpful details to pique their curiosity and encourage exploration.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about this integration or about how UserTesting can help your teams get aligned and work together towards providing customer-centric experiences, contact us.