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Weekly roundup: all about artificial intelligence

| July 19, 2019
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Whether you prefer old-school analog or have fully embraced artificial intelligence (AI) there’s no question that it’s becoming more and more embedded in our daily lives. From smart thermostats to virtual office assistants, AI is quickly finding its way into just about every experience you can think of, which makes designing for those experiences increasingly important. We’ve gathered some of our top posts on AI to help you stay on top of this growing field.

1. Can AI help digital experiences feel more human?

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One key complaint about AI is that it takes the human out of the equation—but is that always a bad thing? Find out how AI can help bridge the empathy gap in digital experiences.

2. Optimize your AI experience with human insights

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For AI to be effective, it needs a bit of human touch. Learn how to leverage human insight to optimize and improve AI experiences.

3. Making emotional connections with customers through AI

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Emotion probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of when it comes to AI, but it should be. AI presents a unique opportunity for companies to stand out by making meaningful and emotional connections with customers.

4. Will AI replace your smartphone?

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If you’re like most Americans, your smartphone is probably within reach most of the time. But will you always be so attached to that device? Advances in AI make voice interactions more effective and usable and could mean you won’t always be so attached to your phone.

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