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Weekly roundup: all about human insight

Lara White  |  June 21, 2019

What is human insight and how can you leverage it to create better customer experiences? Check out these resources find out!

1. What is human insight? Why data alone isn't enough to create great customer experiences

Why you should read this UserTesting's CEO, Andy MacMillan, shares how human insight can give you a better understanding of what your analytics mean and how this is the key to bridging the empathy gap so many companies have between them and their customers.

2. Why every team should care about human insight

Why you should read this Product managers, designers, researchers, marketers, executives—no matter what your role—if you have an impact on your company's customer experience, this post explains why you should be thinking about how to incorporate human insight into your decision-making process.

3. 8 ways to get faster human insights with UserTesting

Why you should read this Even if you’re using a platform designed to get you feedback quickly (like UserTesting) sometimes it can feel a little daunting to dig into all your findings. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you uncover insights from your target audience faster than ever.

4. Scaling Human Insight: How Verizon's UX Research Manager connects with customers through live interviews

Why you should watch this In this on-demand webinar, Devin Harold, UX Research Manager for Verizon, sat down with us to discuss how his team gets up close and personal with customers through Live Conversation interviews to better understand their needs and how they interact with Verizon products and services. Watch the full on-demand webinar, or get a sneak peek with these highlights from the Q&A portion of the webinar.

5. Improve Net Promoter Score with human insight

Why you should read this To gain a holistic view of customers, it’s important to pair quantitative data, like NPS, with qualitative insights—human insights—like user and customer research. There’s always room to improve your customer experience (and your NPS) by continuously gathering human insights about your product or experience.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn how UserTesting can help you understand your customers through on-demand human insight, contact us here.

About the author:

Lara leads the Integrated Marketing team at UserTesting, overseeing social media, content, webinars, and SEO.