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Weekly roundup: all things product management

Steven Carr  |  July 26, 2019

Product management roles and teams are notoriously varied from company to company and even within organizations. So it can be difficult to really hone in on the exactness of what product managers are and do. To combat this growing confusion and shed light on other areas of product management, we’ve collected some of our favorite posts to help you navigate this evolving field.

1. A series: What is product management?

  • Part one: Product manager responsibilities, including strategy and execution
  • Part two: Product manager roles within product teams
  • Part three: Where product managers fit within an organization

Why you should read this From the insight of Sachin Rekji, founder and CEO of Notejoy, we’ve curated this series to provide an overview of everything product management—from day-to-day responsibilities to specializing roles and everything in between.

2. The path to product management

Why you should read this Product management is often dirty, in the trenches, unglamorous work, but it can also be rewarding. Discover UserTesting's Tanya Koshy’s path to VP of Product Management from an unlikely beginning.

3. 6 product management terms product teams want you to know

Why you should read this Whether you’re an aspiring project manager, working alongside project management teams, or simply wanting to impress your colleagues, learn these six terms your product team colleagues think you should know.

4. How to communicate product roadmap changes no one wants to hear

Why you should read this In project management, delays, slips, and adjustments are inevitable. However, you can be prepared to defuse the situation with this effective approach.

5. Top product management certification programs

Why you should read this Whether you’re an experienced product manager or just starting out, this post highlights our top picks for product management certifications to help take your career to the next level.

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About the author:

Steven is a Content Marketing Manager at UserTesting. When he’s not inserting oxford commas where they belong, you can find him shooting pool at a local dive or laughing at his own jokes.