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UserTesting success story: XO Group Inc. improves the wedding planning experience

| April 24, 2018
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XO Group Inc., a leading media and technology company with brands The Knot, The Nest and The Bump, publishes multimedia content that inspires, informs, and cheers on people as they plan for some of the biggest moments of their lives: from marriage, to creating a home, to starting a family.

Krista Plano, lead user researcher at XO Group Inc., recently shared with us XO Group Inc.’s approach and intense commitment to the customer experience (CX) as key to their success:

A big part of working at XO Group is that we all believe what we do matters; and what we do matters more when we listen to our couples. In fact, one of our company values is ‘love our users.’ UserTesting makes this happen by putting us in closer touch with our couples.

Scaling CX insights

XO Group Inc. leverages UserTesting on a weekly basis to conduct customer experience research that enables them to make timely, customer-centric decisions with confidence.

UserTesting allows us to get insights on our ideas from real users on demand. The turnaround time is incredibly fast, so we can get the information, edit the videos, and share them with stakeholders quickly and effectively. With UserTesting, it’s easy to tell the story through the voice of the customer and build empathy across the team.

One of XO Group Inc.’s main goals was to increase sign-ups and customer retention within their wedding planning tools. The goal was to better convey—through content or a new product—how couples could use and benefit from the app earlier in the wedding planning process.

By capturing human insights with UserTesting in their mixed method approach, XO Group Inc. was able to validate that a new ‘style quiz’ concept really resonated with couples and inspired them to try the app much earlier in their wedding planning journey. With these key insights, XO Group Inc. was also able to optimize the content and interactions within the quiz and the resulting wedding vision.

By adding and optimizing the style quiz in The Knot All-in-One Wedding Planner, membership on The Knot grew 20% year-over-year. Since the launch, more than 200,000 couples have created personalized wedding vision cards (including must-know wedding details like inspiration, wedding date, guest count and budget), and of those that contacted a wedding professional on The Knot, 63% also shared their wedding vision.

Democratizing CX research

The XO Group Inc. team’s philosophy is to tap into many different channels for insights to understand the full customer journey and customer experience.

UserTesting has not only allowed us to scale our weekly research, but it has also enabled us to democratize research. Ease of use, shared templates and best practices, and quick turnaround time played a major role in helping us successfully scale.

XO Group Inc. successfully scaled its research efforts across the Product organization so that their squads could run their own weekly research to support their sprints. Krista onboarded the product squads and worked closely with them to make sure they were running the right studies for the right audience at the right time.