The best user experiences are powered by empathy

UserTesting helps your organization see through your customers’ eyes.

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Why use UserTesting?

In about an hour, get videos of real people in your target market speaking their thoughts as they use your website, app, prototype, or competitors’ products.

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    Validate design decisions at any stage of development

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    Influence your stakeholders to make UX improvements

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    Align teams on product decisions and quickly settle disputes

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    Transform your organization’s approach to user experience

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    Build user empathy and develop more effective products

  • The Citrix Innovation team used UserTesting throughout development to launch and optimize the Convoi mobile app.

  • doubled the conversion rate on their desktop site with the customer insights they got through UserTesting.

How it works

  • With access to over 1 million users, get feedback on websites, apps, and prototypes in as little as 1 hour.
  • Your team can do the research, or you can offload work to our professional services team.
  • Discover competitive advantages, benchmark your UX over time, and create great experiences.
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