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Workshop: Live Conversation - Embracing Going Off-Script

Good research takes practice; live research takes preparation. When you’re talking to a real person during a moderated test, expect the unexpected. Learn how to build a script and pivot when things don’t always go according to plan.

When’s the best time to schedule a Live Conversation? What can you do if your website/app is behind a firewall? How can your colleagues join in? We’ll give you everything you need to ensure your interview runs smoothly.

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Workshop: Increasing Revenue Through Diversity and Inclusivity

It's not always easy to understand who your audience is. Whether you're trying to use empathy to broaden your customer base or gain a better feel for how your employees are thinking about topics such as returning to the office, this customer lab is for you.

In this workshop, we'll uncover how using empathy as a research method can help you discover hidden insights by putting yourself in the shoes of others, and in the end, improve your ROI and employee morale in the process.

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Attend our live, virtual workshops that answer your most important questions. Since there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to understanding your customers, gain continued insight on their evolution with different tools, frameworks and research practices at your fingertips.

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