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23andMe + UserTesting

How 23andMe optimizes quantitative surveys with qualitative human insights from UserTesting
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About 23andMe

23andMe is a leading consumer genetics and research company founded in 2006. It provides direct-to-consumer genetic testing services for ancestry and genetic predispositions to health-related topics.

23andMe Achieved
Maximized research budget without sacrificing quality
Improved customer experiences
A new method for pre-testing survey quality


When researchers run large-scale surveys with 2,500 respondents or more, teams want to make sure their surveys are designed as perfectly as possible so that they don't waste data on poorly worded questions or inadvertently introduce bias from incorrectly ordering the flow of questions, etc.  The survey design process can be tricky, especially when you're too close to notice potential problems.  To avoid wasting time and money from having to re-launch surveys with problems, 23andMe needed a way to pre-test survey questions and flows with an unbiased audience who could spot issues quickly in order to optimize surveys in near real time.


Shelle Hyde, Senior UX Researcher, “bullet-proofs” her surveys before launching them by having respondents think out loud while taking each survey as they’re recorded sharing qualitative video feedback on the UserTesting platform. This allows her to understand what respondents believe each question is really asking and reduce ‘multiple-interpretation bias,’ while pinpointing areas to improve her survey flow and wording so that her insights are as actionable as possible.


Today, this is the go-to method to get surveys right—the first time. By removing ambiguities, ensuring logical question flows, and identifying survey areas that need re-phrasing, Hyde and her team maximize limited research budgets and reduce time to impact. Organizational decision makers now have greater confidence in the insights presented because they've been pre-tested and optimized. As a result, this is not only improving customer experience satisfaction but driving better business outcomes across the company.

Shelle Hyde
Shelle Hyde Senior UX Researcher, 23andMe

"UserTesting qualitative studies provide invaluable information."