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23andMe + UserTesting

How Shelle Hyde at 23andMe optimizes quantitative Qualtrics surveys with qualitative human insights from UserTesting
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About 23andMe

23andMe is a leading consumer genetics and research company founded in 2006. It provides direct-to-consumer genetic testing services for ancestry and genetic predispositions to health-related topics.

23andMe Achieved
Maximized limited research budget
Improved customer experiences
Bulletproof large scale surveys with qual-quant mix


Shelle Hyde’s team of researchers at 23andMe often run large scale Qualtrics studies with upwards of 2500 participants - a significant investment in time and effort. To avoid wasting time and money from having to re-launch surveys that were inadvertently designed poorly, Hyde needed a way to ensure that survey questions are clear, and that participants interpret and answer them as intended.


Hyde “bullet-proofs” her surveys before launching them by having respondents think out loud while taking each survey as they’re recorded with UserTesting. This allows her to understand what respondents believe each question is asking and reduce ‘multiple-interpretation bias,’ while pinpointing areas to improve her survey designs so that her insights are always the most actionable.


Today, UserTesting is the go-to tool to get surveys right the first time. By removing ambiguities, ensuring logical question flows, and identifying survey areas that need re-phrasing, Hyde maximizes her limited research budget and increases her insight impact. As a result, she not only improves customer experiences but drives better business outcomes across the entire company.

Shelle Hyde
Shelle Hyde Senior UX Researcher, 23andMe

"UserTesting qualitative studies provide invaluable information."