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Cru + UserTesting

How Cru is reaching new audiences with its ministry thru human insights
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About Cru

Cru is a nonprofit ministry that is passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. It has operations in 190 countries.

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Cru is passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. The interdenominational Christian ministry serves on more than 8,000 campuses worldwide and has more than 19,000 staff members across 190 countries.

Cru's digital marketing strategist, Danielle Bonilla, gathered a cross-functional team from various roles, including Tim Moon, Eric Heim, Shawn Hudgins, Nathan Brown, John Wilcox and Jason Weimer, with a shared goal of figuring out how improve conversions.

Danielle spearheaded an audit of all of Cru's marketing content to see which was converting leads the best. The result was the What Ministry is Right for You? quiz

The quiz was created in 2016 and hadn’t been updated since. The team decided to test it with UserTesting to understand why it resonated with people, and see what improvements could be made to make it even more successful.


The team used UserTesting’s Insight Core platform, targeting college students interested in ministry.

The team asked people to complete the quiz and give their opinion on the design, journey and content. They also asked testers if their quiz results resonated with them and would it be something they’d pursue.

With those human insights, the Cru team identified several minor and major changes to the quiz, ranging from increasing button sizes to tightening email response times after completing the quiz.


Following the changes, Cru saw conversions — completing the quiz and submitting an email address — increase from 30-40% to over 50%. Also, the cost per conversion went down 5X, from $2 to $0.40 with about 100 conversions per day.

And since the changes were made in the spring of 2020, they have had more 12,000 conversions. And best of all, these were from prospect audiences who had no prior interactions with Cru.

"Human insights from UserTesting really help us identify the WHY,” said Andre Echevarria, Cru’s Director of Marketing. “And knowing why they are resonating with our campaigns, or not, empowers us to constantly refine our approach to creating personalized experiences at scale. It's been a game changer for us.”

Danielle Bonilla Digital Marketing Strategist

UserTesting makes all the difference in truly understanding our audience. It empowers us to connect and create trust.