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Financial Services

Tesco Bank + UserTesting

How UserTesting helps Tesco Bank customers manage their money with confidence
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About Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank is a British retail bank formed in 1997 and is wholly-owned by Tesco, the largest supermarket in the United Kingdom. Today, Tesco Bank serves more than five million customers across a range of banking, credit cards, loans, and insurance products. Tesco Bank's goal is to help Tesco shoppers manage their money a little better every day.

Tesco Bank Achieved
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Improved user experiences
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Accelerated business performance
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Stronger customer centric culture


Historically, customer feedback at Tesco Bank was something that happened late in the product development process. Additionally, when customer research was conducted in-person, it tended to be time-consuming due to the need to schedule contributors and find "fresh eyes"—people who hadn't recently participated in other Tesco Bank studies. This made the research process somewhat of a chore. Tesco Bank needed a way to integrate human insights into the design process faster and more easily. Compounding these challenges, the pandemic put Tesco Bank in the same situation as other companies where in-person research had to be replaced by remote UX research overnight.

But the team wondered—would remote UX research help or hurt their ability to create actionable insights for informed decision making? And would it be a temporary shift in methodology, or prove to be a lasting improvement to the way teams integrate human insights into the design process?


UserTesting has become the heart of Tesco Bank's qualitative customer insight approach. Andy Dykes, UX Design Lead at Tesco Bank, thinks it's here to stay. That's because all designers at Tesco Bank are responsible for gaining customer feedback and following a human centered design process

"As we've evolved and matured as an organization, we've begun to generate insights throughout the entire process," said Andy. "Today, we run research everywhere. We partner with analytics and market research, but my team's primary focus is on design research and bringing in a customer lens to understand who they are, how we can help them, and really inspire our organization to think differently as we innovate." Hear more in Andy's Espresso Series webinar.

During the pandemic, this has only been amplified because UserTesting's Human Insight Platform allows everyone in the organization, from researchers to senior decision makers, to remotely connect with real customers and observe them as they interact with products. It allows them to watch and listen to customers think out loud in self-guided tests, and interact with them in moderated tests, so they can better understand why customers think, feel, say, and do things the way they do.


Tesco Bank now relies on UserTesting for discovery research to help build empathy and clarify what customers need in order to design experiences that are more effective, easy, and enjoyable for all its customers. UserTesting not only helps identify new opportunities and pinpoint unmet needs, Tesco Bank uses the platform to continuously iterate and improve the usability of existing experiences as well.

As Tesco Bank doubled-down on UserTesting, the company has launched improved user experiences that have resulted in accelerated loans, broader reach across the UK, and an even stronger customer-centric culture.

Andy Dykes Design Lead, Tesco Bank

"There is tremendous value in having a human connection in our research through UserTesting. It builds empathy that creates shared intent with our customers and helps us balance their needs with our company goals."