The Users

With access to over a million people, you’ll be able to easily reach your target audience in just a few clicks. Use our on-demand panel, your own customers, or custom panels.

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Real users matching your criteria

Test with exactly the types of visitors that use your site or app. Recruit by region, demographics, web expertise, and more. Use optional custom screeners for more granular filtering.

On their own devices

Test with users in their home or office, using the computers, phones, and tablets they use every day. No need to bring them into an artificial lab with unfamiliar tools.

The UserTesting Panel

The real users on our panel help us deliver high-quality feedback in about an hour.

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    Instantly available for fast results

    Our large and diverse tester panel is always available to test your site or app. In most cases, you can expect videos back in an hour.

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    Vetted by us, rated by our clients

    Panel members pass an application process, and are continually rated by our clients so you’ll get the highest quality results.

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    Great at speaking their thoughts

    Our testers are great at following directions and clearly articulating their thoughts while performing your tasks.

Insights from your customers

My Recruit helps you tap into insights from employees, existing customers, industry experts, and people with unique demographics.

Get insights from your own customers

Customer-centric design is at the core of the development process to build better product. My Recruit provides the ability to create and launch a study with anyone, anytime.

… We wanted to get some really specific feedback on a new feature from customers that were not only power users of our product, but well-versed in the lingo of our industry.

Headshot of Melissa Sweet

Melissa Sweet, Product Designer, Strava

Get insights from your employees

Your employees are your biggest brand advocates. Give them early access to get their feedback to improve product and drive adoption amongst your users.

… My Recruit gives us the freedom to tap into a wealth of insights from our own team.

Headshot of Lizz Cuzzacrea

Lizz Cuzzacrea, UX Researcher, Urban Outfitters

Sampling companies and custom panels

Select from millions of people from sampling companies like SSI and Peanut Labs, and let us moderate the tests for you. And when you need to reach people that sampling companies don’t have, we can recruit a custom panel for you.

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