You only get one shot at launching your mobile app.

User reviews in Google Play and the App Store can be ruthless. From prototype to publish, UserTesting can help your app be the best.

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See through the eyes of real users.

Watch users complete the tasks you specify (including gestures), and listen to them speak their minds as they interact with your app. Our panel consists of everyday mobile users, not professional bug testers, so you can see how your target consumers react to your services and where they get stuck.

Get the fastest user feedback.

Create a custom study in minutes, or use our simple pre-made templates for games, e-commerce, and other app categories. You’ll usually start getting results within an hour. Order a study in the morning, and watch the results over lunch.

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Prototype your user journeys before committing code.

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Our mobile recorder works with whatever is displayed on the mobile device, including wireframes and prototypes. App creators can quickly iterate potential flows with real users to see what works and what doesn’t—and even get new ideas for future builds.

Get the best possible reviews by testing before you publish, refine your user journeys with pre-release testing. We’ll handle distributing your NDAs and providing you the users you need, whether it’s from your beta group or our panels.

Available for Android and iOS

Android Testing: A real user tests a prototype version of an app.

Find where to focus your development

Whether you have an established app or are exploring a new service, development time is costly and roadmap items need prioritization. UserTesting can help you explore which possible features will gain traction with real users and what you should focus on, reducing both development costs and time to market.

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Test on a wide range of devices

Make sure your users will love your mobile app, no matter what device they’re using. Choose whether to test your app on Android or iOS, on smartphone or tablet…or even a little of everything. You can even specify device model and operating system with our advanced screener questions.

Be as platform-specific as you want.

Drill down to the right OS versions, with real users, and receive test results in as little as an hour.

UserTesting Benefits

Release mobile apps confidently

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    Settle arguments and focus on code

    If you have a design disagreement with a client, or within your team, run a test and let the users settle it for you.

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    Catch and fix problems early

    Find issues before they get locked into your code. Test after every sprint. You can even test sketches, wireframes, or prototypes.

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    Easily test unreleased builds

    Forget UDIDs or TestFlight. We do all the setup for you, securely and hassle-free.

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