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Eargo + UserTesting

How Eargo helps people hear life to the fullest
Industry: Consumer products, Healthcare
Company Size: Small
Role: Marketer, Product Manager, Researcher
Customer Type: B2C

About Eargo

Eargo was founded in 2013 as an American hearing aid manufacturer. Its mission is to change the way the world thinks about hearing loss by dramatically improving the consumer experience at every step of the hearing care journey. The company's hearing aids are rechargeable, are hidden within the ear canal, and can be personalized with a smartphone app. Its hearing loss solutions combine sleek proprietary technology, on demand licensed hearing professionals, and an advanced personalized App for high-quality performance from its virtually invisible hearing aids.

Eargo achieved

Increased customer satisfaction and revenue
Improved customer experience on website and mobile app
Better alignment around user needs


Hearing loss in the US affects one in six adults, and one-third of all Baby Boomers. And an estimated 360 million people worldwide suffer from some form of hearing loss. But many consumers hate the idea of having a hearing aid. For them, it represents growing old.

In addition to the stigma, other barriers include accessibility and cost. Only 20% of those with hearing loss are doing something about it. Eargo is trying to reach those consumers who aren't addressing their hearing loss. “We have this incredible barrier that we have to overcome,” said Shiv Singh, CMO. “And the way we do it is by really focusing on every pixel, every frame, every punctuation mark in all of our communications. That's where UserTesting plays such an incredible role.”


The Eargo team regularly conducts tests to quickly gather customer perspective on the usability and experience of their website and mobile app.

That fast feedback, throughout the customer’s journey, not only solves problems and business bottlenecks, but it also generates new ideas to better reach their audience. One example is a new online hearing assessment test that is used as a main CTA on the site.


Eargo runs UserTesting studies on everything, whether on their website or mobile app. “We don't launch stuff that hasn't been user tested and adjusted based on the feedback that we've gotten from our users,” said Singh.

He then takes video clips from the tests and shares them with stakeholders throughout the company. That has helped get 100% buy-in throughout the organization, enabling the team to use testing feedback to quickly evaluate, validate, and iterate on features that will impact revenue and conversions.

More importantly, Singh said, getting real feedback is helping them help their audience get over the hearing aid stigma, among other obstacles, and achieve a better quality of life. “Reaching those people and communicating with them and helping them is incredibly important to us,” he said. “And for that piece of it, we need UserTesting every day.”

Shiv Singh
CMO, Eargo

What we like about UserTesting is literally the hundreds of tests that we can trigger again and again. Every time we run UserTesting, we learn something surprising and interesting.