Hear from top experts in the fields of conversion optimization, UX research, design, product, and more.

  • Headshot of Ann Morey

    A simple method to make better CX decisions

    Ann Morey

    Join Ann Morey, a longtime researcher and expert user of the UserTesting platform to learn how to conduct mini behavioral interviews to ask all your nagging questions like, “Why do people start using our product?” or, “What do our competitors do for their customers?” and, “Is this problem we’re trying to solve really a pain point?”

  • Live Conversation with guests Devin Harold and Nayaab Lokhandwala

    Live Conversation: Connecting with customers in real time

    Devin Harold and Nayaab Lokhandwala

    Watch to learn how Live Conversation customers, Devin Harold from Verizon and Nayaab Lokhandwala from Alaska Airlines, have used human insight to build better products and improve user experiences.

  • Headshot of Tiffany Zhong and Lija Hogan

    What’s with Apple’s latest iPhone ads?

    Tiffany Zhong and Lija Hogan

    In this webinar, learn what’s with Apple’s latest iPhone ads. We have guest speaker and Gen Z expert, Tiffany Zhong, Founder and CEO of Zebra Intelligence along with our own Director of Strategic Research Services, Lija Hogan.

  • Headshot of Archie Miller and Chip Trout

    Actionable Results from UX Research

    Archie Miller and Chip Trout

    In this webinar, Archie Miller, Discovery Coach and Chip Trout, Product Design Journey Lead at CarMax share their tips for coding notes and turning insights into opportunities, solutions, and experiments.

  • Headshot of Patrick Quattlebaum and Lija Hogan

    Orchestrating Experiences

    Patrick Quattlebaum and Lija Hogan

    In this webinar you will learn emerging practices at the intersection of design strategy, design research, and service design that help organizations create products and services that deliver sustainable value.

  • Headshot of Bradley Miller

    Creating great customer journeys through customer interviews: Real-world advice and techniques

    Bradley Miller

    Bradley Miller, Sr. UX Researcher at Autotrader, describes how he used UserTesting’s Live Conversation to understand the complex and exhausting process of purchasing a car, and how he used those findings to help his company improve its customer journey.

  • Headshot of Steve Ricken and Michael Mace

    The Streaming Media CX Index: What customers expect from SVOD experiences

    Steve Ricken and Michael Mace

    In this webinar, Steve Ricken, Ph.D, UX researcher at UserTesting and UserTesting’s VP Product Marketing, Michael Mace present the findings from UserTesting’s competitive benchmarking study of the top five SVOD apps.

  • Headshot of Michael Mace

    Three Ways Fast Human Insight is Revolutionizing Marketing

    Michael Mace

    In this free webinar, Michael Mace, UserTesting’s VP of Product Marketing, describes how fast human insight is revolutionizing agile marketing. Find out how marketing teams are using human insight to perfect their customer experience in real time.

  • Headshot of Lija Hogan and John Consigli

    3 Digital Transformation Strategies Driving CX

    Lija Hogan and John Consigli

    In this Webinar, John Consigli, Director of Customer Experience at Prudential, and UserTesting’s Director of Strategic Research Services Lija Hogan discuss three digital transformation strategies that Prudential is using to drive improvements to its customer experience.

  • Headshot of Michael Mace

    CX goes mainstream: Five trends driving the future of CX

    Michael Mace

    In this webinar, Michael Mace, UserTesting’s VP of Product Insights, presents the key results from the 2018 Survey Report. Find out how companies around the world are approaching managing CX.