Hear from top experts in the fields of conversion optimization, UX research, design, product, and more.

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    UserTesting demo


    Take a tour of the UserTesting platform in this 8-minute demo. You’ll learn how fast and easy it is for your team to set up, run, and analyze studies with UserTesting so you can start getting valuable user insights.

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    Mapping experiences: from insight to action

    Jim Kalbach

    Jim guides you in his tried-and-tested methods to create value through journeys, blueprints, and diagrams. Learn how to approach various types of mapping activities and frame your visualization efforts appropriately.

  • Headshot of Jeff Gothelf

    Everything I’ve learned about Lean UX: AMA with Jeff Gothelf

    Jeff Gothelf

    Jeff Gothelf changed the way we look at designing products and services six years ago with his book, Lean UX. But how have the ideas evolved since 2010? Jeff Gothelf talks about what he’s learned as a practitioner, an author, and teacher of Lean UX.

  • Headshot of Murat Yilmaz

    UX in Action: Fareportal

    Murat Yilmaz

    Murat Yilmaz, Creative Director at Fareportal, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at all things related to UX and design. He showcases a recent challenge his team faced and walks us through their solution. There’s a great Q&A session with Murat at the end of his presentation.

  • Headshot of Chris Goward

    The ultimate conversion optimization program

    Chris Goward

    The world’s leading optimizers rely on well-oiled, cross-functional teams that regularly run disciplined, insight-driven experiments. Chris Goward, Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel, highlights the top ways to optimize your website experience and the processes required to improve your optimization program.

  • Headshot of Aiden Bordner

    The agency’s guide to effective user research

    Aiden Bordner

    Aiden Bordner, co-founder and Principal Designer at Parade, an experience design firm, draws upon over six years of research experience with clients to discuss some of the tools and processes he’s found to make this process easier.

  • Headshot of Guthrie Weinschenk

    From sock hop to Snapchat: How generational differences affect product design

    Guthrie Weinschenk

    Generational differences have a huge impact on how people interact with today’s tech products. Guthrie Weinschenk, COO of The Team W, shares the truths and myths about generations based on extensive research. He offers tips on using these insights to better understand your target audience and improve your product’s design.

  • Headshot of Brian Cugelman

    Inspiring action: the influence model every digital pro needs

    Brian Cugelman

    Dr. Brian Cugelman, Senior Scientist and Director at AlterSpark, has developed an influence model that provides a unique framework for motivating user behavior. Learn to use customer psychology to grab attention, aid decision making, and encourage motivation.

  • Headshot of Michael Mace

    The mobile game traps: how to avoid the most common game design mistakes

    Michael Mace

    After conducting thousands of usability studies on mobile games, Michael Mace, VP of Product Marketing at UserTesting, has uncovered the most common traps companies fall victim to when developing a mobile game, including cryptic controls, unclear tutorials, genre conventions, and a failure to find that perfect balance of making a game both challenging and fun.

  • Headshot of Andy Budd

    Defeat the status quo: how to run the perfect digital project

    Andy Budd

    No matter the size or maturity of a company, the same challenges repeat themselves time and time again - how to attract the right talent, how to integrate new ways of working into the existing structure, and how to ensure that projects are successful and meet their goals. Andy Budd, User Experience Designer and CEO at Clearleft, highlights these common pitfalls and shows you how to avoid them.

  • Headshot of Mike Volpe

    The growth playbook from $0 to $1 billion

    Mike Volpe

    Mike Volpe, former CMO and founding team member at HubSpot, shares what he learned growing the company from zero to over 15,000 customers and a $1 billion valuation.