UserTesting Human Insight Platform

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform empowers all teams with on-demand customer feedback and exposure to real customer interactions and perspectives they need to build deep customer empathy and deliver better customer experiences.

Edition description Get started collecting customer feedback with simple test creation from scratch, standard reporting, and access to the UserTesting Contributor Network.
Platform features:
Ask any question
  • Create tests from scratch
  • In-line survey questions and metrics
  • Template library
  • Template gallery
  • Short test
  • Screener guidance
Target anyone
  • Access to the Contributor Network
  • 2 screener questions (per test)
  • Standard demographic filters1
  • Invite Network
  • Favorite contributors
  • Fuel Cycle integration
Engage and empathize
  • Self-guided video recordings
  • Contributor view
  • TestFlight mobile iOS app testing
  • Standard prototype hosting
  • Qualtrics integration (in English only)
Discover and analyze
  • Dashboard
  • Standard metrics
  • Annotated transcripts
  • Insights Summary
  • Highlight reels
  • Sentiment tagging
  • Quantum Metrics integration (in English only)
Share insights
  • Export videos
  • Export insights (Excel format)
  • Share via Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira (integration in English only)
Manage and collaborate
  • 1 workspace
  • Workspace page
  • Search, folders, and mark important
  • Configurable SSO (by request)

1 Includes standard country filters: USA, CAN, GBR, GER, FRA, AUS, IND and ‘Rest of world".