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How to accelerate customer acquisition at banks and financial firms

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Why survey results alone can’t improve the onboarding experience and how to dig deeper

As consumer needs and expectations continue to change rapidly, banks and large financial organizations must employ cutting edge technology, leverage forward looking data, and develop processes that focus on the customer. To ensure customers are more than numbers in a spreadsheet and that your customer experience feels more meaningful than transactional, mastering digital customer empathy is critical. 

The hard truth is that metrics like net promotor score (NPS), web analytics, and survey results aren’t actionable. Yes, they can alert a team to a problem, but they don’t enable the team to take action confidently. 

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  • Why quantitative data like analytics and NPS scores are not enough context to base business decisions on.
  • Why companies are using quantitative and qualitative data together to understand their customers.
  • How banks and large financial organizations can get started with qualitative data.

Discover how to quickly dig deeper with video-based customer insight to improve your customer experience and drive acquisition,  retention, and loyalty like a tech company. 

Learn from organizations already leveraging the Human Insight Platform like Tesco Bank, T. Rowe Price, Experian, Wise, Amazon Sellers Group, and more. 

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