UserTesting Empathy Experience Index (EXi) Report: multichannel retail

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The pandemic forced organizations to change the way they do business and deliver experiences to their customers. During this time, customer loyalty has been impacted dramatically and organizations are now in the difficult position of needing to rebuild loyalty among their customer base. One of the most effective ways for companies to do this is through the creation and execution of empathy-driven experiences.

In this report, UserTesting leverages its proprietary Empathy Experience Index (EXi) methodology to explain why empathy is the key to building loyalty and its impact on the bottom line and examine what the top five multichannel retail brands are doing to drive these empathy-driven experiences.

Three key themes stood out:

  • Digital touchpoints and channels need to be humanized
  • Existing customers are the key to faster ROI
  • Customer empathy spans business units

Download the UserTesting EXi: multichannel retail to learn how the retail industry is evolving and how your organization may be impacted.

UserTesting Empathy Experience Index (EXi) Report: multichannel retail
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