Gaining executive buy-in for user research

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Learn to how to pitch and field objections against UX research

For anyone familiar with the benefits of user research, it’s hard to imagine your development cycle without it. You’ve probably already convinced your team to adopt a process of gathering customer insights on your digital products, and now, to move your user-centered strategy forward, you need executive buy-in. 

Championing the cause for continuous user research is a challenge you and your team may be facing. Getting your stakeholders to shift their perception of user research from just a good idea to an essential part of the product development cycle may feel overwhelming at times, but with a bit of planning, it can be a lot less stressful—and more successful.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • Benefits and ROI of user research throughout the development cycle
  • Responses to common objections around investing in user research
  • Strategies for pitching your user research proposal to executives

This guide is for Product Managers, UX Directors, Marketing Managers, and anyone who needs help convincing executives to provide budget and resources for user research.

Cover of the guide: Gaining executive buy-in for user research
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