2024 Retail Benchmark Report

Measuring the quality of experience for the top 25 US retailers

UserTesting 2024 Retail Benchmark Report

Enhance digital shopping experiences

Unlock key insights to boost revenue, traffic, and customer satisfaction.

Why read the 2024 Retail Benchmark Report?

In a competitive market, exceptional customer experiences are essential. With rising costs to attract new shoppers, retaining existing ones is critical amid AI-driven changes in organic search and social media.

Key insights

  • Top performers: Amazon, Target, and Walmart lead in website experiences
  • Obstacles: 41% of shoppers face issues; multiple obstacles decrease return likelihood by 34%
  • Retention and revenue: high QXscore retailers retain 90% of shoppers; improving scores can boost traffic and add $226M in combined annual revenue across lower-scoring QXscore retailers

Leverage insights from 2,750 shoppers visiting the top 25 US retailers.

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