Consumer perceptions of AI in retail and ecommerce

Learn how retail and ecommerce consumers feel about AI in the shopping experience.

As our lives become increasingly digital, understanding how shoppers feel about their experiences is crucial, especially before the holiday season. As you prepare for Black Friday and optimize your digital shopping experience, understand what information consumers are willing to share for a deal. Learn what they think about artificial intelligence (AI) and what confuses them. 

UserTesting commissioned a global survey of 4,000 consumers worldwide to learn their thoughts about AI and sharing data during a retail or ecommerce experience. 

At a high level, we learned that, in the United States, 87 percent of respondents are amenable to providing personal information to retailers for cost-savings benefits. Globally, this sentiment holds true for 76 percent of respondents. However, 72 percent of global shoppers report concern over privacy issues while interacting with AI during their shopping journeys. 

A striking 74 percent of global respondents express uncertainty over how their data is used, yet many lack a comprehensive understanding of AI. In the United States, 86 percent think they understand AI, but over half are unclear on its functionalities. On a global scale, 75 percent claim to either have a “very well” or “somewhat well” understanding of AI.

Learn more about how the different countries feel about sharing their information and using AI in the retail and ecommerce experiences: 

  • United States: 2,000 consumers surveyed
  • Australia: 1,000 consumers surveyed
  • United Kingdom: 1,000 consumers surveyed 

The following reports are for anyone interested in understanding what global consumers think about AI and their shopping experience. 

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