Consumer perceptions of AI in healthcare

Learn how patients and consumers feel about AI in their digital healthcare experience.

Understanding how patients and consumers feel about their healthcare experiences is crucial as our lives become increasingly digital. As you optimize your digital front door, understand what information consumers are willing to share, who they trust, and what they expect. 

UserTesting commissioned a global survey of 4,000 consumers worldwide to learn their thoughts about AI in their healthcare experience. 

At a high level, we learned that, comparatively, 44% of Brits and 27% of Australians wouldn’t trust AI to handle any health-related tasks. Meanwhile, only 6% of Americans share the same anti-AI sentiments.

Learn more about how the different countries feel about AI in healthcare with: 

  • United States: 2,000 consumers surveyed
  • Australia: 1,000 consumers surveyed
  • United Kingdom: 1,000 consumers surveyed 

The following reports are for anyone interested in understanding what global consumers think about AI and their healthcare experience. 

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