UserTesting for healthcare technology

Improve your digital health experience and drive results by getting a deep understanding and empathizing more with patients, providers, and users.

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Empowering health tech organizations to succeed

Consumer desire to use digital solutions to track and engage their health has increased significantly. Demand is high for proactive, personalized digital health experiences and competition is steep among healthcare technology organizations to meet consumer needs. 

By leveraging customer feedback from patients, providers, and more, teams better understand what it’s like for people using their products and services and can make informed decisions to differentiate and optimize—helping their health tech organization compete and grow. 

Forrest Wave 2023

Innovate and grow by putting consumers at the center of decisions

Customer story

Cedar + UserTesting

Watch how Cedar used videos from potential customers to provide better healthcare

Customer Story Teaser Images. Images are used in the cards on the Customer Story Listing Page.

Customer story


See how a B2B healthcare tech company meets patient needs—and innovates new products for doctors, pharmacists, and insurers

Customer story

Philips + UserTesting

How Philips increases innovation while driving down costs

Adapt and differentiate with UserTesting

How UserTesting helps

  • Adapt rapidly to meet changing consumer needs with fast feedback

  • Capture feedback from niche audiences with UserTesting’s audience solutions

  • Vet market needs, design concepts, prototypes, and experiences before going live

  • Capture competitive intelligence to inform a differentiated digital strategy and vision

  • Optimize touchpoints by understanding ‘what’ needs to change and ‘why’

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Check out test templates created by experts

Get started quickly with UserTesting templates to validate concepts, discover needs, and hear your customers’ thoughts on your experience.

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    Healthcare and wellness experiences templates

    Improve the design and development of your health and wellness experiences while safely managing sensitive data

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    Customer journey templates and resources

    Understand how customers engage with your brand or products across multiple touchpoints

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    Needs and frustrations discovery

    Identify opportunities to improve customer experiences or activities

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Additional resources

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Testing your mobile healthcare experience

Amidst digitalization, ensuring that these mobile healthcare experiences are seamless, intuitive, and centered upon patient needs is urgent.

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HIPAA and human insight

Get starting points for gathering feedback on experiences for any organization that needs to be HIPAA compliant.

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Customer story


Discover how biopharma leaders build websites that educate healthcare professionals about medicines and vaccines.