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Healthcare and wellness experiences templates

Improve the design and development of your health and wellness experiences while safely managing sensitive data

What you'll learn

1. If patients can successfully complete tasks in a health app, site, or patient portal—and what can be improved

2. How patients perceive healthcare messaging, including care instructions, marketing materials, advertising, and more

3. How patients interact with wearable health devices in natural settings

4. Feedback on telehealth, in-person, or long-term care experiences

Hear from our customers

B2C healthcare organization Total Brain is a mental health and fitness platform. Aiming to aid those with mental health issues, whether they do or don’t receive treatment, it helps its users measure and optimize their brain capacities while simultaneously overseeing the risk of mental conditions. After a website and app relaunch, Total Brain turned to UserTesting upon realizing they needed to bridge the empathy gap. Leveraging quick feedback on prototypes and analyses of user personas, the organization recognized the importance of qualitative research. Total Brain redesigned its platform’s user registration flow for the better and added new features and content, including a personalized home feed and recommendations, and neuro-optimized music, among others. The outcome was evident—their work with UserTesting resulted in a 50% increase in content consumed, a 91% user satisfaction score, and a boost in user registrations to over one million users.

Forrester: UserTesting delivers a 665% ROI over three years

A recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study, conducted by Forrester on behalf of UserTesting, illustrates how organizations using the UserTesting Human Insight Platform can realize $2.03M in value and 665% in ROI over a three-year period.

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