Get quality insights within hours, not weeks

UserTesting’s on-demand human insight platform delivers an integrated, flexible, and simple way to create the best experience for your customers.

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Find and connect with the exact audiences you need, without the effort, long cycles or costs associated with manually recruiting people to provide feedback.

  • Access consumers from across the globe on-demand with the largest, most diverse panel of study participants.
  • Tap into your own customers, employees and partners via email, social media or other channels.
  • Hone in on specific personas, using filtering capabilities, such as geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic criteria.
  • Connect with specialty audiences and difficult to reach panelists with the help of our team of experts.
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Select the type of studies that will yield the most useful, actionable insights without the administrative hassles or the need for research expertise.

  • Get responses in as little as 1-2 hours using templates, automatic recruiting, and features to test any experience.
  • Get feedback on anything, such as desktop, mobile app, or on-premise experiences, and products at any development stage.
  • Easy setup so anyone on your team can create live or recorded studies for every project, at any time.
  • Work with our experts when you need help designing more complex studies.
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Capture and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses, then amplify throughout your organization to increase collaboration and consensus.

  • With all customer insights in one place, you speed through analysis by drawing from your full universe of data.
  • Extract and highlight critical customer intelligence to drive consensus on the right decisions and next steps.
  • Sharing capabilities make it easy to socialize findings throughout your entire organization.
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders by presenting clear, indisputable evidence about what customers want, need and expect.