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Introducing the Human Insight Platform

Get on-demand feedback, empathize with your customers and build amazing experiences.

See how it works

Enable your entire organization to get
rapid customer feedback

Insight Core, Product Insight, and Marketing Insight are built
on the same powerful set of platform capabilities
Target your audience Share learnings Engage & empathizeDiscover insights
Target your audience Target your audience Access UserTesting’s diverse panel or connect with your own customer, partner or employee to get rapid feedback on any experience. Key features:
UserTesting Panel | Your Customers: My Panel and My Recruit | Business Panel
Engage & empathize Engage & empathize Understand the “why” behind the “what” by deeply empathizing with your users through self-guided video recordings or live interviews. Key features:
Self-Guided Video Recordings | Live Conversation | Integrations | Secure Prototype Hosting
Discover insights Discover insights Browse transcripts, tag themes and create notes to uncover insights about almost any experience and customer interaction. Key features:
Transcripts | Tagging | Notes | Search | Folders | Favorites | Repository & Storage | Metrics
Share learnings Share learnings Build a shared understanding of your customer experience. Simply highlight, clip, and share key insights across your organization and collaborate on findings. Key features:
Highlight Reels | Workspaces | Approval Flow | Notifications | Exports | Usage Reporting | Share via Email | 3rd Party: Trello & Slack
Customer Hyundai

“UserTesting makes me look like a super hero to my team. The fact that I can get insights in hours and not have to wait weeks is a game changer!”

Brian Clayton,
UX Researcher

Integrations and plugins

Quickly share insights to supercharge your productivity and drive customer-centric decision-making throughout teams. UserTesting currently supports integrations and plugins with a variety of tools: 


UX Design and Prototyping


Integrations and plugins

Other Platform Capabilities