Customer Support

Get help when you need it from our award-winning Customer Support team with both research and technical expertise.

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Support plans that meet your needs

UserTesting offers three levels of support for our customers using the UserTesting, UserZoom, or EnjoyHQ platforms. All customers receive support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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Premier Support

Get the extended support you need, when you need it most. Premier Support provides faster, enhanced access to our technical support specialists and the ability to connect directly with research and product experts. 

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Award-winning support team

The UserTesting support team has been recognized by the Stevie awards seven years in a row, highlighting our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

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Existing customers

If you’re an existing UserTesting, UserZoom, or EnjoyHQ customer and need assistance, please log in to your dashboard and navigate to the chat function.

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