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UserTesting Partners and Reseller Program

The UserTesting Partner Program focuses on digital transformation and CX knowledge, education and collaboration. It is our mission to help you create a highly-skilled sales force so that together we can grow both our businesses faster and more effectively. Joining is easy, simply choose the partner type that matches your company’s interest and we will provide the tools and resources needed to make you successful.

UserTesting offers several areas for Partners to focus. Specialize as a Strategy Consultant focused on maintaining and supporting enterprise digital CX transformations; or specialize as a Global Systems Integrator integrating our Human Insight Platform; or join as an Agency using our Human Insight Platform to run CX studies on behalf of your client base; or specialize as a Reseller selling our Human Insight Platform.

UserTesting Partner Referral Program 

Reach out to to join our Referral Partnership Program and start increasing your commissions today! 

Global System Integrators

Global System Integrators (GSIs) are trained and certified global organizations that develop, design, and implement transformational strategies for customers striving to maximize their customers' experience. GSIs focus on business outcomes through optimizing key digital marketing, merchandising, sales, and service experiences.

Ugam Solutions


Agencies create experiences, design, and communications that shape aspects of a customer’s brand or campaign through six core capabilities: Brand Strategy, Advertising, Customer Engagement and Commerce, PR and Influence, Digital Transformation, and Marketing Campaigns.

Carmichael Lynch
Forum One
Fresh Egg
GOOD Agency
Straight Line Theory


Resellers serve as a single point of contact between multiple vendors, making it easier for customers to purchase and manage a variety of technologies. They manage the procurement and finance aspect of a transaction and act as a valuable partner to their customers as they seek to consolidate vendors and streamline transaction processes.

Digital River
TSG Consumer