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  • Headshot of Dan Olsen

    Test First, Code Second. A Proven 6-Step Process to Rapidly Achieve Product-Market Fit.

    Dan Olsen

    Find out from best-selling author Dan Olsen’s (Lean Product Playbook) to learn a proven 6-step process that will help you to remove all guesswork and fuel informed product decisions on your mission critical projects.

  • Headshot of Devin Harold

    Scaling Human Insight: How Starbucks leverages fast feedback to deliver great customer experiences

    Stephanie Connor, Karmin Mauritz and Emmerline Wu

    Join us as we sit down with the UX team at Starbucks, Karmin Mauritz, Sr. UX Researcher, Stephanie Connor, UX Research Manager, and Emmerline Wu, UX Researcher to learn how their team has scaled human insights to evolve its UX research practice.

  • Headshot of Devin Harold

    Scaling Human Insight: How Verizon’s UX Research Manager connects with customers through live interviews

    Devin Harold

    Join Devin Harold, UX Research Manager at Verizon, to learn how his team gets up close and personal with customers through Live Conversation interviews to better understand their needs and how they really interact with Verizon products and services.

  • Headshot of Janelle Estes

    Unraveling the appeal of fintechs: consumer findings & trends

    Janelle Estes

    UserTesting’s Chief Insights Officer, Janelle Estes, conducted a study with customers from five of the fastest growing fintechs—Brex, Ally, SoFi, Kabbage and Robinhood—to find answers. She’ll share her findings, including what consumers like and dislike about doing business with these firms.

  • Headshot of Michael Mace

    The rise of the Experience Economy: 2019 CX Industry Report

    Michael Mace

    Join UserTesting’s VP of Market Strategy, Michael Mace, to discuss the results of our sixth annual survey, in which we asked industry professionals how their organizations are adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of sophisticated consumers in an increasingly digital landscape.

  • Headshot of Tanya Koshy and Michael Mace

    Make great product decisions in real time using fast customer feedback

    Tanya Koshy and Michael Mace

    In this webinar, we’ll announce a new product that empowers anyone in a product team to incorporate fast customer feedback into every product decision. You don’t have to be a trained researcher, and there’s no need to watch hours of video. This webinar will include practical examples and live demonstrations by UserTesting’s VP of Product Management Tanya Koshy and VP of Market Strategy Michael Mace.

  • Headshot of Christopher Condo and Tanya Koshy

    A Product Manager’s Guide to Building the Right Software in Less Time

    Christopher Condo and Tanya Koshy

    Join UserTesting’s VP, Product Management, Tanya Koshy, and guest speaker Sr. Analyst at Forrester, Christopher Condo, in a webinar tailored towards product professionals looking to build software faster, safer and in a more controlled manner by removing the guesswork from the process.

  • Headshot of Jacob Smith

    Healthcare Chatbot Diagnosis: Will consumers trust them with their health?

    Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith, Sr. UX Researcher, will be presenting the findings from the competitive benchmarking study. As consumers become more and more comfortable digitally sharing their personal information, accessing medical advice or information via an app may soon become the new normal.

  • Headshot of Stephen Fleming-Prot

    CX Survival Guide for 2019

    Stephen Fleming-Prot

    In this Webinar, Stephen Fleming-Prot, Principal UX Researcher, provides techniques to guide you through the sometimes rough waters of customer experience research in 2019. With executives demanding that their teams connect with customers and build empathy for their users, this webinar gives you actionable tactics to help you expand your cross-functional teams’ methods and approaches for research.