Comprehensive audience solutions

UserTesting makes it easy to gather feedback from any audience, with any sample size. A comprehensive set of purpose-built audience solutions helps quickly capture diverse perspectives and high-quality insights globally.

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UserTesting Network

Connect with qualified participants from over 30 countries who opted in to provide feedback. Define audiences with demographic filters or custom screener questions and get feedback quickly, with over 80% of sessions returned in just a few hours.

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Extended reach with Partner Networks 

When larger sample sizes are needed, we extend your reach by seamlessly recruiting high-quality participants from vetted 3rd party Partner Networks directly through the UserTesting platform. Our Audience Services team can also help find harder to reach audiences.

Quality feedback you can trust

UserTesting prioritizes feedback quality, and it shows. 85% of customer-rated sessions receive a 4-or 5-star rating. Our purpose-built quality program detects and prevents professional testers and participants who misrepresent their identity, backed by robust security and AI fraud detection and dedicated network quality specialists.

Audience management and rewards

UserTesting handles the details so you can focus on generating insights. The platform handles participant support, notifications, and incentive payments, collects and maintains demographic data, and addresses privacy, data security, compliance, and opt-in status.

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Connect with your network

Easily share test links or QR codes with your network of users, partners, and employees. Intercept desktop and mobile visitors in real time as they engage with your website or mobile app. Manage your audience through the platform or integrated network management solutions like Rally UXR.

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Privacy, security, and compliance

UserTesting is SOC 2 Type II certified, GDPR, and HIPAA-compliant. It’s dedicated to enterprise-grade information security and protecting confidential data, including video, survey, and participant data. Our teams employ systems to detect bots and other fraudulent activity and hold all participants accountable to the Contributor Terms of Service.

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